My Venethrax Theme Force Attrition List

35-point Tier 3 Theme Force
  • Venethrax +6
  • Seether – 8
  • Skarlock Thrall – 2
  • General Gerlak Slaughterborn – 3
  • Bloodgorgers (max) – 8
  • Bloodgorgers (max) – 8
  • Black Ogrun Boarding Party (max) – 6
  • Pistol Wraith – 3
  • Pistol Wraith – 3
Teir 3: (cheap Seethers; 3″ cloud per unit [3]; Gerlak/Bloodgorgers gain Advance Deployment)
  • Reaper – 7
I thought of this list as I was finishing up my first set of Bloodgorgers. I liked the Bloodgorger models, the units are FA:2, and in Venethrax’s theme force Bloodgorgers (plus General Gerlak Slaughterborn) gain Advance Deployment. I already had a unit of Black Ogrun Boarding Party, though I hadn’t played them much. They were medium bases, though, and very troll-like (being ogrun), so I decided to go with them instead of the Mechanithrall horde also allowed in the theme force.
I’ve played it twice now, once versus Siege (Cygnar, theme force) and once versus the Old Witch (Khador, with that damnable Scrapjack). Both games were wins, ending with a caster kill. Both games were all about grinding down the other force until Venethrax was able to move in and make the kill.
The Bloodgorgers are fun to play, even with their somewhat sluggish SPD. Two maximum units of Bloodgorgers allows me to present a very wide front line–a very wide front line that starts out 6″ closer to the enemy due to the theme forcing granting them Advance Deployment. I need to work on my Gerlak advancing, though, as he died early in both games before getting to do anything useful (that is, besides draw fire and attacks).
The Black Ogrun Boarding Party then becomes the second wave, bringing forward what I call their “wall of wounds”. 5 medium bases with 8 wounds, a CRA harpoon and, more importantly, a P+S 13 melee attack. I’ve pretty much decided that the Black Ogruns are primarily a melee unit and secondarily a range unit.
The Pistol Wraiths use their Death Chill to protect the Seether and to set up the Seether’s charge targets. I’m beginning to think that the reason I bring 2 is because one of them is always gonna die early. It’s kinda fun to Death Chill a heavy warjack, then charge it with the Seether, who then gets off a Smash and Grab and does a two-handed throw. Now the enemy warjack is knocked down and Death Chilled. That’s a lot to shake off.
I chose a Reaper for the reinforcements because, hell, why not? So far, I haven’t played a scenario with reinforcements. Seems like it could be useful, though, to have a Reaper coming into the game with 3 Focus.
My current plan for taking this list to 50 points is to add:
  • Seether – 8
  • Black Ogrun Boarding Party (max) – 6
The 2nd Seether makes the list a Tier 4 theme force (and gives the Seethers Advance Move). And a second “wall of wounds” can’t be bad, I figure. Before I can do that, though, I have to buy (and paint) a second set of Black Ogruns.
That only comes to 49 points, but there is no 1-point option available in the theme force, unless I add the Mechanithrall horde (and I don’t wanna).
At either point level, I can tell you this list has 2 particularly glaring deficiencies. The first is versus terrain. Venethrax offers nothing to help his army get over rough terrain or see through forests, and the theme force doesn’t allow any other models that might. Only the Pistol Wraiths, with Incoporeal, can ignore terrain. The theme force benefit of Advance Deploy for the Bloodgorgers helps this deficiency, but does not fully mitigate it.
The second glaring deficiency is versus high DEF, which I faced in the game with the Old Witch. Venethrax’s spell Blood Rain is the only weapon available. The Skarlock can cast that, though that means it’s not casting Soul Harvester, and/or Venethrax can cast it, but then his Focus armor is down 3–and that’s not good.
Neither the Bloodgorgers nor the Black Ogruns are particularly useful versus high ARM (20+), even on a charge, but they don’t need to be. The Pistol Wraiths and the Seether–and Venethrax, if necessary–cover that part of the battle. At worst, the Bloodgorgers can get in the way of the enemy heavies and hope they make their Tough checks.
I’ve created a non-theme force version of this list that tries to mitigate both the terrain and high DEF issues. I’ll give that list a go in the near future. Right now, I’m having fun double Bloodgorgers. (If Privateer Press ever creates a theme force that increases the FA of Bloodgorgers, I’ll be sorely tempted to buy a 3rd set.)
Sooner or later, I’ll field this list versus Hordes. I’m looking forward to that. In the meantime, I guess I’ll get used to facing Warmachine.

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  1. DavidRM said,

    June 16, 2012 @ 10:10 am

    Update: The Mage Hunter Strike Force + UA is another significant weakness of this list. Non-MHSF range lists don’t seem as big an issue, but the MHSF+UA, especially with Kaelyssa’s feat, means the slow, plodding Bloodgorgers are targets for consecutive rounds.


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