The Journal’s Affiliate Program

Link to The Journal and Earn Cash with The Journal’s Affiliate Sales Program!

Earn a 40% commission on all orders placed from people you refer to The Journal.

If you have a Web page, you can offer The Journal to your visitors, members or congregation. For every sale of The Journal from your Web page, you make a 40% commission. That’s $25.98 on every sale of The Journal at $64.95!

Automatic Reporting and Payment

All of your referrals and sales are automatically tracked. You can quickly and easily access reports from your BMT Micro affiliate account (see below).Each quarter, your sales are totaled up and a check sent to you (direct deposit is also available). It couldn’t be easier!

Getting Started

To become an affiliate of DavidRM Software’s The Journal:

1. Go here to sign up for an affiliate account:
BMT Micro Affiliate Signup

2. Once you have your affiliate account and login, click on “Full Product List” (under “Products” on the left side of the page).

3. In “Filter By”, enter: DavidRM SoftwareThat will bring up the complete list of available bundles and add-ons for The Journal.

4. The first line should be “DavidRM Software”. Click on the “Join” button to become an affiliate.

If you are already a BMT Micro affiliate, you can use the same instructions as above (2-4) to become an affiliate of DavidRM Software’s The Journal.

For properly formatted affiliate links to use on your Web page:

1. Click on the “Joined Product List” (under “Products on the left side of the page).

2. Pick “The Journal 8 (Download)” from the list and click on “Show Links”.That will give you links for product information, downloading the demo, and ordering.

That’s all there is to it! Once you’ve signed up, and created your link to The Journal, the rest of it is pretty much automatic.

Affiliate Banners

Please feel free to use any of the following banners when you link to The Journal.All banners are JPG’s.Right-click on an image and choose “Save Picture As…” to download.250×250


If you have any questions, please email DavidRM Software Email about The Journal Affiliate Sales.