Add-ons for The Journal

Make The Journal Even More Useful With These Powerful Add-ons!

Devotional Prompts by Don Michael

Spiritual Devotionals! Discover the simple joy of keeping a record of your reflections about God, yourself, and others with The Journal and Devotional Prompts 1 & Devotional Prompts 2!

Learn more about Devotional Prompts 1 & Devotional Prompts 2.


Start your memoirs today! With The Journal and the incredible Memorygrabber (from Family History Products), you can quickly and easily create a memoir for yourself, your family, and future generations! As easy as an interview! With a simple fill-in-the-blank format and self-interviewing style, you can create an autobiography, journal or life story project!

Learn more about The Journal with Memorygrabber.

Steve Pavlina’s Templates for The Journal

Overhaul your life! Steve Pavlina’s Templates for The Journal include 20 journaling exercises to help you discover your life purpose, assess your relationships, solve your problems, and more!

Learn more about Steve Pavlina’s Templates for The Journal.

Writing Prompts 1

Improve Your Writing Skills! Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, poetry or prose, Writing Prompts 1 for The Journal–with over 2000 words and phrases–can help you improve your writing skills.

Learn more about Writing Prompts 1.

Writing Prompts 2: Prose Challenges by Mike Hommel

Stretch Your Mind and Your Writing Skills! Writing Prompts 2: Prose Challenges combines genres, settings, emotions, characters, and more to create an almost neverending supply of writing prompts. You’ll never get stuck in a rut again!

Learn more about Writing Prompts 2: Prose Challenges.

Writing Prompts 3: Starting Sentences by Mike Hommel

Practice your storytelling! The Journal with Writing Prompts 3: Starting Sentences creates the first sentence, YOU create the story!

Learn more about Writing Prompts 3: Starting Sentences.

Free Add-ons

These free add-ons can help you do more with The Journal.

My Address Book

The “My Address Book” add-on makes it easy to keep a simple address book in The Journal.

Click here to download My Address Book for The Journal.

Ben Franklin’s Virtues

In his “Autobiography”, Benjamin Franklin described a simple yet powerful plan for self improvement. The core of the plan is to improve one virtue (out of a set of 13) each week. Instead of trying to improve in all 13 of the virtues at once (a nigh impossible task), you focus your efforts on improving just one. The following weeks, as you focus on the other virtues in turn, improvement in all of the virtues accumulates (hopefully). With 52 weeks in a year, you will have worked your way through the entire list of 13 virtues four times.

Ben Franklin’s Virtues for The Journal makes it easy to follow Franklin’s plan, and even customize it to your own purposes.

Click here to download Ben Franklin’s Virtues for The Journal.

Installing the Free Add-ons

  1. Please close The Journal before installing any add-on.
  2. Run the installer for the add-on.
  3. The next time you run The Journal, you will be asked if you want to install the add-on. Click on “Install”.

The Book Framework for The Journal

The Book Framework is a FREE addon for The Journal created by Benoit R. Charron to provide a quick and easy way to get started writing your novel in The Journal.

The Book Framework includes:

  • A structure you can build on to write your novel. Rename “The Book” to your own title and get started!
  • Detailed instructions for how to use The Journal to write your book!
  • Templates to help you build characters (including random name generators for men and women), locations, plot points and more!
  • Easily use multiple times for multiple novels.

How to Install:

  1. NOTE: The Book Framework requires The Journal 6 (or later).
  2. Download The Book Framework.
  3. Open The Journal and log in.
  4. Click on the File menu, Import sub-menu, and choose“Import Entries…”
  5. Browse to find the file you just downloaded: TheBookFramework.tjexp
  6. Click on “Import”.
  7. Let the import create all of the categories automatically.
  8. When the import is finished, you can bring up “The Book” category, rename it your own title, and get started writing!