Discounts Available

The following people and situations are eligible for discounts when purchasing The Journal.

Check all that apply. Then click on the “Apply Discounts” button below (you may need to scroll down). NOTE: You can choose up to 4 (four) discounts.

Student Discount

 I am a student currently enrolled in classes, or I am a medical resident.

Educator Discount

 I am an educator currently teaching classes, or I have retired from teaching.

Military Discount

 I am actively serving in, or I am a veteran of, the Armed Forces of the United States of America or the Canadian Armed Forces.

Law Enforcement Discount

 I am an active, retired or volunteer employee of a local, state or federal law enforcement agency in the United States of America or Canada.

Firefighter/EMT/Nurse Discount

 I am an active, retired or volunteer firefighter, emergency medical technician, or nurse.

Senior Citizen Discount

 I am 65 years old or older.

Hardship Discount

 I am unemployed/on a fixed income/a single parent/just need a break.

Gift Discount

 I am buying The Journal as a gift for a friend or family member.

Nice Person Discount

 I am a nice person and I deserve a discount.

How the Discounts Work

  • 1 Discount = $5 off
  • 2 Discounts = $10 off
  • 3 Discounts = $15 off
  • 4 Discounts = $20 off

Discounts for Users of Previous Versions of The Journal

If you have purchased any previous version of The Journal (v1-v7), you can upgrade to The Journal 8 for only $29.99 ($35 off).

Click here for upgrade information and pricing.

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