Tips & Tricks

These tips and tricks first appeared in The Journal’s Newsletter. New tips & tricks are included each month.


Adjusting the Security Level of The Journal

Changing the Language of The Journal’s Menus and Forms

How to Customize “Insert Date” and “Insert Time”

How to Rename a Journal Volume

How to Stop The Journal Starting with Windows

Setting the First Day of the Week

The Journal and Stardock’s WindowBlinds

The Journal’s Extended Security Features

Using The Journal in the Cloud

Using The Journal with Right-to-Left Languages


Category Tree on the Left


Category Layout – Tree or Tabs

Category Word Clouds

Hiding a Category

How to have Colored Category Tabs

How Calendar Entries are Organized

How to have Colored Category Tabs



Copy Entry Link to Clipboard

Copying & Pasting Entries

Default Entry Background Color and Default Font Color

Distraction-Free Editing with the Full Screen Editor

Entry Information & Statistics

External Entry Links

How to Count Words in Multiple Entries

How to Customize Bullets and Numbered Lists

How to Doodle in The Journal

How to Doodle on an Image

How to Highlight an Entry in the Entry Tree

How to See the Running Word Count of an Entry

How to Wrap Text Around Pictures in Your Entries

Image Thumbnails

Inserting Media Files into Your Entries

Loose-leaf Entry Sorting Options

Marking the Special Days of Our Lives by George McCusker

Numbered Lists – Continuing and Restarting

Selecting Multiple Entries in the Entry Tree

Side-by-side Entry Viewing and Editing with the Split-Screen Editor

The Back/Forward Buttons and Entry History

Typing Wiki-Like Links in The Journal

Using “drag & drop” to move entries between categories

Using the “Go” Menu to Navigate Entries

Using the Ruler in the Entry Editor

View & Recover Deleted Entries



Using “Search Entries…”: The Basics

Using “Search Entries…”: Search Logic


Reminders & To-do Items

Copying Reminders to a New User or Journal Volume

Display a Reminder’s Birthday and Anniversary Number

Setting a Reminder for Multiple Consecutive Days

Ways to use To-Do Items (Checkboxes) in The Journal



Importing your Entries from Diaro

Recovering a Deleted Entry from a Backup

Syncing The Journal with Evernote