The Journal Newsletter – March 2012

The Journal Newsletter

March 2012


Happy St. Patricks Day!

This month’s tip is a quick tip about hiding and un-hiding category tabs. In nearly 17 years of using The Journal, I’ve racked up 100+ categories. The only way that works is that I don’t have all of those category tabs visible all the time. Here’s how to do that. 🙂

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The Journal 7 is the current release.

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Tips & Tricks

TIP: Hiding a Category Tab

Categories provide a powerful tool for organizing entries in The Journal. The “Daily Journal” and “Notebook” categories are created for you automatically, and you can create as many more categories as you like. Each category created shows a “tab”, and after creating a number of categories, you may find that you’ve now a lot of tabs to pick through. Or maybe a particular category is no longer as important or urgent as it once was. Or maybe you only want a category tab visible while you’re adding or reviewing entries.

It is possible to hide a category’s tab. The category and all its entries are still there, just tucked away.

To hide a category’s tab:
1. Right-click the category tab and choose “Category Properties…”
3. On the “General” tab, un-check the option: “Category Active (Tab Visible)”
4. Click “Done”.

To show the category’s tab again:
1. Click on the Category menu and choose “Category Properties…”
2. The inactive category will be in the list, displayed with a faded font.
3. Select the inactive category in the list.
4. On the “General” tab, check option: “Category Active”
5. Click “Done”.

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