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The Journal’s newsletter is no longer sent out. Previous issues are still available, though.


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  • The Journal Newsletter – January 2002
    Michael Ham gives us another article this month, this time about using The Journal in conjunction with the book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey. And even though Linda Harrell doesn't use The Journal for journaling, she tells what she *does* use The Journal for in this month's "How I Use The Journal." As always, there are new writing exercises and a new tip for using The Journal. So be sure to check those out too.
  • The Journal Newsletter – December 2001
    The Journal 3 has finally been released! Michael Ham gives us another article about journaling, this time a "New Baby Journal" for parents. Veronica Armstrong tells us how she uses The Journal, and the quite pregnant Susan Michael has provided some more writing and journal exercises. And don't forget to check out this month's tips for using The Journal.
  • The Journal Newsletter – November 2001
    This month's feature article is "The College Years Journal" by Michael Ham. Michael draws from his own college experiences, plus his experience as a Director of Admissions at St. John's College, to provide both insight and journaling prompts. And, as always, we have a new set of writing and journaling exercises, and a tip to help you get the most out of The Journal. This month's tip is about The Journal's clipboard viewer.
  • The Journal Newsletter – October 2001
    This month's "How I Use The Journal" is a bit different. Stevan Lockhart shares with us how he setup The Journal for use under Linux using the Wine Windows emulator. Also, learn how to export The Journal entries as HTML files in this month's Tips & Tricks, and check out the latest writing exercises.
  • The Journal Newsletter – September 2001
    The Journal had some "press coverage" this month in Personal Journaling Magazine. See The Journal News below for the story. As always, we have a new tip for using The Journal (Style Options Explained) and a new set of writing exercises. And Susan Michael, the author of the newsletter's writing exercises (she's also my wife, for those who don't know), explains how she uses The Journal to help organize her home schooling materials.
  • The Journal Newsletter – August 2001
    This month (August 2001) marks the first full year of The Journal Newsletter!
  • The Journal Newsletter – July 2001
    This month The Journal's newsletter gets a bit esoteric and hobbyist with a new article about how I use The Journal for use in Role-Playing Games (RPGs). I have been playing RPGs since 1989, when I was in college. While The Journal wasn't originally intended as "RPG Support Software", it does have a number of features that can be helpful when preparing adventures and organizing your campaign. We also have more writing and journaling exercises, as well as a new tip for using The Journal.
  • The Journal Newsletter – June 2001
    This month we have an article from Stefanie A. Newton, entitled "Thanks for the Memories." Ms. Newton discusses ways to encourage our parents and grandparents to write down their stories and memories. As always, we have some new writing exercises, and a new "tip" to help you get the most out of The Journal.
  • The Journal Newsletter – May 2001
    The TIPS & TRICKS section talks about AllChars, a freeware program that could be useful to users of The Journal, and we have some new WRITING EXERCISES. There is no HOW I USE THE JOURNAL article for this month, but I have included an article of my own called "Keeping a Professional Journal".
  • The Journal Newsletter – April 2001
    This month's "How I Use The Journal" article by Kent Eaton focuses on how he uses The Journal in "alternative learning." Since my wife & I are homeschooling our son, I was particularly interested in this. If anyone else has an education-related journaling theme they want to write about, I would love to hear from you. Susan is back with another couple of writing exercises, and I present a short explanation of the useful-but-obscure "Paste Special" in the Tips & Tricks section.
  • The Journal Newsletter – March 2001
    I give a short description of how I organize my information about The Journal. Pete Hollyer presents another detailed usage tip for The Journal, this time focusing on entry links. Neal Hallford, noted computer game-designer and author of an upcoming book on computer game design has submitted a "guest writing exercise." Plus, Michael Boyter, author of the e-Book "The MemoryGrabber", has written an article about "journaling for tomorrow", so be sure to check those out.
  • The Journal Newsletter – February 2001
    We have a new "How I Use The Journal" from Dawn Murphy, and an article from journaling enthusiast Julie Wrigley Smith called "Why Keep a Personal Journal". Plus we have our usual writing exercises and other features.