The Journal with Extended Security

Keep Your Secrets Secret with Extended Security!

Do you need a higher level of security? The Journal’s built-in security features like login passwords and entry compression and encryption already make it one of the most secure software journals available. But if you want to take it to the next level, you need The Journal’s Extended Security.

Extended Security Options:

  • User-level Extended Security. A login name that uses Extended Security is significantly more secure than normal because the user’s master encryption key is encrypted using a key generated from the plaintext of the user’s password. NOTE: A login with Extended Security active cannot have its password reset. If you lose your password, there is nothing that can be done to recover it.
  • Automatic Login Failure. With Extended Security, you can specify that all login attempts fail after a certain number of consecutive failures. For example, if someone is attempting to guess a user’s password, then after the specified number of failures, The Journal automatically fails all other attempts. The Journal doesn’t even check the password entered. The failure message is displayed, and The Journal prompts for the password once again.
  • Minimum Wait Time. Once the automatic failure option has activated, the user will have to wait the specified minimum time before The Journal stops automatically failing attempts.

To access The Journal’s Extended Security features:

  1. Click on the User menu and choose “User Preferences…”
  2. Bring up the “Security” tab.


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And who am I? I'm David Michael, the designer, developer, and first user of The Journal.

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