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Personal Journal Software for Windows 11/10/8/7
The Journal 8 Build #1341 ( Released 2 November 2023

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NOTE: The Journal uses Encryption

This is a feature of The Journal. 🙂

However, some antivirus software will consider The Journal’s use of encryption as a potential problem and prevent The Journal from updating its files (your files) on your hard drive. When this happens, The Journal will report that it is open in “Read Only” mode. You might also see an error reported (“SQLite3 Error 14 – unable to open database file”).

To fix this, you will need to “make an exception for Journal8.exe” with your antivirus software. The specifics of how to do this will vary, but that’s generally what it’s called. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Windows Security – Ransomware Protection

Because The Journal uses encryption, Windows Security will, by default, block it from updating files on your hard drive. You will need to add The Journal 8 to the allowed programs list.

Bring up “Windows Security” and go to “Ransomware Protection”. Click “Allow an app through Controlled Folder access”.

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The Journal’s newsletter is no longer sent out. Previous issues are still available, though.

Additional Downloads

Free Add-ons

These free add-ons can help you do more with The Journal.

My Address Book

The “My Address Book” add-on makes it easy to keep a simple address book in The Journal.

Click here to download My Address Book for The Journal.

Ben Franklin’s Virtues

In his “Autobiography”, Benjamin Franklin described a simple yet powerful plan for self improvement. The core of the plan is to improve one virtue (out of a set of 13) each week. Instead of trying to improve in all 13 of the virtues at once (a nigh impossible task), you focus your efforts on improving just one. The following weeks, as you focus on the other virtues in turn, improvement in all of the virtues accumulates (hopefully). With 52 weeks in a year, you will have worked your way through the entire list of 13 virtues four times.

Ben Franklin’s Virtues for The Journal makes it easy to follow Franklin’s plan, and even customize it to your own purposes.

Click here to download Ben Franklin’s Virtues for The Journal.

Installing Add-on Packages

  1. Please close The Journal before installing any add-on.
  2. Run the installer for the add-on.
  3. The next time you run The Journal, you will be asked if you want to install the add-on. Click on “Install”.

Kurzanleitung The Journal (Deutsch PDF)

Kurzanleitung The Journal [pdf]

Additional Spell Checker Dictionaries

The Journal includes an American English spell checker dictionary, plus dictionaries for United Kingdom English and Australian English. Dictionaries for other languages must be downloaded separately.

Download Other Spell Checker Dictionaries

NOTE: Spell checker dictionaries hosted by Addictive Software.

To see the complete list of additional spell checker dictionaries that can be used with The Journal 3 and The Journal 4, click here.

Installation: Extract the dictionaries into the Dictionaries sub-folder where you installed The Journal.

The default path is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\DavidRM Software\The Journal 8\Dictionaries

For The Journal 7:
C:\Program Files (x86)\DavidRM Software\The Journal 7\Dictionaries

For The Journal 6:
C:\Program Files (x86)\DavidRM Software\The Journal 6\Dictionaries

For The Journal 5:
C:\Program Files\DavidRM Software\The Journal 5\Dictionaries

For The Journal 4:
C:\Program Files\DavidRM Software\The Journal 4\Dictionaries

For The Journal 3:
C:\Program Files\DavidRM Software\The Journal 3\Dictionaries

Previous Versions of The Journal

These are the latest builds of previous versions of The Journal.

NOTE: Previous versions of The Journal are provided for registered users of those versions. If you are a new user, be advised that those versions can no longer be purchased and the pricing for those versions is no longer available.