New/Trial Users FAQ

Is The Journal a subscription or a one-time purchase?

The Journal is a one-time purchase. When you purchase The Journal, you can use the software for as long as you like. There is no subscription fee.


What is The Journal’s upgrade policy?

All updates within the version of The Journal you purchased are free. For example, if you purchase The Journal 8, all updates of The Journal 8 will be free for you.

If you purchase The Journal within a few months of a version upgrade, the new version of The Journal is also a free upgrade for you. Otherwise, you must pay for the upgrade, but at a significant discount (at least 50% off the regular price). Note that you are not required to upgrade. You can continue to use the version of The Journal you purchased for as long as you like.


When I purchase The Journal, do I need to reinstall?


When you purchase The Journal, you will be sent Registration Keys that convert the trial version of the software to the full version. All you need to do is enter your Registration Keys, and you’re good to go!


If I install The Journal to try it out, then decide I don’t want it, will I be charged?

No, you will not be charged.

All you need to do is uninstall the software. Click on the Windows “Start” button (or orb), find the “DavidRM Software\The Journal 8” program group, and choose “Uninstall The Journal.”

You can also uninstall The Journal using the “Uninstall Program” option from the Windows Control Panel.


Are there any discounts available for The Journal?


Students, educators, US military personnel, senior citizens and more are all eligible for discounts.

Click here to check out all discounts available for The Journal.


How many computers can I have The Journal installed on?

The Journal’s “household license” allows individuals who purchase The Journal to have the software installed on any computers they own or are the primary user of–plus on any computers owned by members of their immediate family that reside with them. So you can have The Journal:

  • At home and at work.
  • On your laptop and your desktop.
  • On all the computers on your home LAN.
  • On your computer and your child’s computer.
  • On your computer, your spouse’s computer, and child’s computer.
  • And so on!

NOTE: Businesses that purchase The Journal aren’t eligible for the household license. They must purchase 1 license of The Journal for each workstation that will use/access The Journal.


Where does The Journal store my entries?

The Journal stores your entries on your local computer’s hard drive. The default location is:
My Documents\The Journal Volumes\


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