User Interface (UI) FAQ

How can I customize the look of The Journal (change the theme)?

There are a lot themes for you to choose from, which you can easily change as your mood or style takes you.

Click on the View menu and choose “Change Theme…”

You can also change the them–or turn off themes–of The Journal in User Preferences (on the User menu), on the “Global” tab, “Theme” sub-tab.


How do I customize the toolbars?

Right-click on the menu or toolbar that you want to customize, and choose Customize. This will open up a form which contains all available menu and toolbar commands.

Bring up the Commands tab.

Click on the commands you want and drag-and-drop them on the menu or toolbar where you want them to appear.

In addition, all toolbars, as well as the main menu, can be undocked and be floating at any position on your screen. Mouse over the far left of each toolbar until the four directional cursor appears, then left-click and drag the toolbar to the position you’d prefer.


What is the hot-key (keyboard shortcut) for…?

All hot-keys are listed here: The Journal Keyboard Shortcuts


Can I use voice-recognition software with The Journal?

Yes, The Journal can be used with most voice-recognition software (VRS).

When you use VRS with The Journal, it’s recommended that you turn off a couple of features:
“Check spelling as you type”
“Correct spelling errors as you type”

Both of these features can be turned off on “Spell Checker” tab of “User Preferences” (on the User menu).


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