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The Journal has a new Web page as of July 2015. Check it out!

Download The Journal

The Journal 7
Personal Journal Software for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
Build #903 ( Released 1 June 2015


*** Download The Journal ***

29.7 MB (Includes Install and Uninstall)


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Additional Downloads

Free Add-on Packages

These free add-on packages can help you do more with The Journal.

Installing Add-on Packages

1. Please close The Journal before installing any package.

2. The next time you run The Journal, you will be asked if you want to install the add-on. Click on "Install".

Additional Spell Checker Dictionaries

The Journal includes an American English spell checker dictionary. Dictionaries for other languages must be downloaded separately.

Download Other Spell Checker Dictionaries

To see the complete list of additional spell checker dictionaries that can be used with The Journal 3 and The Journal 4, click here.

Installation: Extract the dictionaries into the Dictionaries sub-folder where you installed The Journal. The default path is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\DavidRM Software\The Journal 7\Dictionaries

For The Journal 6:
C:\Program Files (x86)\DavidRM Software\The Journal 6\Dictionaries

For The Journal 5:
C:\Program Files\DavidRM Software\The Journal 5\Dictionaries

For The Journal 4:
C:\Program Files\DavidRM Software\The Journal 4\Dictionaries

For The Journal 3:
C:\Program Files\DavidRM Software\The Journal 3\Dictionaries


Previous Versions of The Journal

These are the latest builds of previous versions of The Journal.

NOTE: Previous versions of The Journal are provided for registered users of those versions. If you are a new user, be advised that the pricing for those versions is no longer available.


The Journal 2.x Downloads

The Journal 2.x Spell Checker Dictionaries

The following dictionaries can be downloaded for The Journal 2.x:

NOTE: These dictionaries will not work with The Journal 3.0 or later.