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Keep a journal! Keeping a diary or journal has never been easier or more convenient. The Journal automatically brings up a new entry for you every day, and provides a calendar for easy review.


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More than just a diary! The Journal is a powerful journaling and writing tool that can help you take control of your life.


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Store more than just words in your entries! The Journal can store anything in an entry: digital photographs, spreadsheets, word processor documents, and more!


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Doodle directly in your entries! Just click on the Insert menu and choose “Insert Doodle”. You can draw with the brush, add simple shapes, and more! All with full undo & redo!


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You can even doodle on your photos! You can doodle on any image or photograph in The Journal! Just right-click on the image and choose “Doodle on Image.” You can put text on your photos, and even crop them!


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Alternative UI layouts! The Journal can display your categories as tabs (as shown above), or as a separate tree. Switch back and forth easily by right-clicking on the category tabs and choosing “Show Categories as Tree” (or “Show Categories as Tab” to switch back).


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Find what you’re looking for! The Journal provides a powerful collection of search tools. You can search for a word, a phrase, or a collection of words (with simple OR and AND operators). The search will look in your entry text, entry names, and even your image descriptions. You can also search by topic. Finally, searches can look in all of your entry categories, just the categories you specify, and can also be limited to a date range.

Search anywhere! Search everything!


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Start your memoirs today! With The Journal and the incredible MemoryGrabber (from Family History Products), you can quickly and easily create a memoir for yourself, your family, and future generations!


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As easy as an interview! With a simple fill-in-the-blank format and self-interviewing style, you can create an autobiography, journal or life story project!


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