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Use powerful word processing features! Tables, live spell checking, a thesaurus, auto-correction and more!


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Format your entries with bold, italics, underlining, or strikeout! Use your choice of fonts! The Journal provides full text formatting and font control using any Windows TrueType or Type 1 font installed on your PC.

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Use topics to organize your entries! Topics provide another powerful way to organize your thoughts in The Journal. You can have as many topics within an entry as you wish. And you can search by topic.


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Print your entries for binding, sharing or for hard-copy storage! The Journal prints entries with full formatting to any Windows printer and includes a full print preview.


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Organize your thoughts and entries! The Journal supports as many entry categories as you desire. You can create a category for “Daily Thoughts,” another for “Project Notes,” one for “Poetry,” and so on. You can even create nested sub-categories.


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