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User Interface

I lost my password. How do I reset my password?

Most lost user passwords and category passwords can be reset.

Request a password reset code Email DavidRM Software ( and request a password reset code.

You will be sent a password reset code and instructions for how to use it.

NOTE: Users who have activated Extended Security cannot have their passwords reset. That's one of the features of Extended Security.

How can I customize the look of The Journal (change the skin)?

There are 170+ skins for you to choose from, which you can easily change as your mood or style takes you.

Click on the View menu and choose "Change Skin/Theme..."

You can also change the skin--or turn off skinning--of The Journal in User Preferences (on the User menu), on the "Global" tab. Note that if you turn skinning off (or back on), that you will need to close and restart The Journal.

How do I customize the toolbars?

Right-click on the menu or toolbar that you want to customize, and choose Customize. This will open up a form which contains all available menu and toolbar commands.

Bring up the Commands tab.

Click on the commands you want and drag-and-drop them on the menu or toolbar where you want them to appear.

In addition, all toolbars, as well as the main menu, can be undocked and be floating at any position on your screen. Mouse over the far left of each toolbar until the four directional cursor appears, then left-click and drag the toolbar to the position you’d prefer.

What is the hot-key (keyboard shortcut) for...?

Ctrl-TabMove to next category tab
Ctrl-Shift-TabMove to previous category tab
F1Context-sensitive help
Shift-F1"What's This" help
F2Rename selected entry
Ctrl+F2Add a Calendar Charm to selected entry
F3Repeat last find
F4Editing toggle for Read Only entries
F5Go to today's entry in category (Standard Categories only)
Ctrl-F5Go to date (Standard Categories only)
F6Set date for all active categories (Standard Categories only)
F7Go to previous entry in category
Shift-F7Go back 1 month (Standard Categories only)
Ctrl-F7Go back 1 year (Standard Categories only)
F8Go to next entry in category
Shift-F8Go forward 1 month (Standard Categories only)
Ctrl-F8Go forward 1 year (Standard Categories only)
F9Create new entry (Loose-leaf Categories only)
Shift-F9Create new root entry (Loose-leaf Categories only)
F10Create new sub-entry (Loose-leaf Categories only)
Ctrl-FFind text in entry
Ctrl+Shift-FSearch entries
Ctrl-GReplace text in entry
Ctrl-Apply default text style to selected text
Ctrl-Shift-Set selected text to ""
Ctrl-BToggle Bold On/Off
Ctrl-UToggle Underline On/Off
Ctrl-IToggle Italics On/Off
Ctrl-Toggle Strikeout On/Off
Ctrl-[-1 font size
Ctrl-]+1 font size
Ctrl-MIndent paragraph
Ctrl-Shift-MUnindent paragraph
Ctrl-HHanging indent
Ctrl-Shift-LToggle bulleting
Ctrl-Shift-NToggle numbering
Shift-F10Bring up entry context menu
Ctrl-Shift-DAdd/edit description of selected image
Ctrl-LAlign paragraph left
Ctrl-RAlign paragraph right
Ctrl-ECenter paragraph
Ctrl-KBlock justify paragraph
Ctrl-DInsert Current Date at cursor
Ctrl-TInsert Current Time at cursor
Ctrl-Shift-IInsert Current Timer at cursor
Ctrl-JHide (and optionally Lock) Journal
Ctrl+Alt+JActivate The Journal (if running)
Ctrl+Shift+JOpen Journal Volume
Ctrl+Shift+USwitch user (login in as a different user)
Ctrl-Shift-TShift focus to date tree
Ctrl-Shift-EShift focus to entry
Ctrl-Alt-CToggle calendar On/Off
Ctrl-Alt-TToggle date tree On/Off
Ctrl-Alt-IToggle countdown timer and stopwatch On/Off
Alt-UpMove Entry Up
Alt-DownMove Entry Down
Alt-Shift-UpPromote Entry
Ctrl-ZUndo changes
Alt-Shift-BackspaceRedo changes


The Journal's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)