Using The Journal on Linux

Currently, there is no Linux version of The Journal–but you can still use The Journal on your Linux desktop or laptop computer.

Wine is a free Windows emulator for Linux.

Crossover Linux from Codeweavers is another Windows emulator available.

Each Windows emulator works a bit differently, but once you have one of them installed, you can run The Journal on your Linux computer.

Notes for Using The Journal on Wine

Change Editor Formatting. The Journal’s entry editor now uses Uniscribe for formatting by default. Wine support for Uniscribe can be sketchy, resulting in the editor cursor “jumping around” in your entry. So I recommend you use the alternative editor formatting. To do that:

  1. Click on the User menu and choose “User Preferences…”
  2. Bring up the “Editor” tab.
  3. Bring up the “Misc” sub-tab.
  4. Check the option: “Use alternative editor formatting”

Use Windows Theme. The Journal uses a theming engine that might not get along with your graphics driver. In that case, do this:

  1. Click on the View menu and choose “Change Theme…”
  2. Select the “Windows” theme (which is no theme).