Using The Journal with Your iPad/Android Device

Currently, there is no Ipad or Android version of The Journal–but you can still use The Journal with apps that already exist for those tablets.

The Journal 7 supports these apps:

  • Evernote
  • Diaro
  • Penzu
  • Daynotez

Support for new apps is added on request.

Syncing The Journal with Other Diary Apps

With The Journal’s sync-ing capabilities you can keep all of your entries safe on your Windows PC or laptop. If you use apps like Evernote, Penzu, or Diaro on your tablet, you can merge the entries you make on your tablet with the entries in The Journalon your PC. This allows you to make entries “on the go” with your tablet, and still have those entries available in The Journal for organizing, searching and reviewing.

1. Export the entries from your app.

Evernote: Export the notes you want from Evernote. This will create a .enex file.
Penzu: Export the entries you want from Penzu. This will create a .xml file.
Diaro: Copy the Diaro “backup” file (which is a .zip file) from your tablet to your hard drive.
DayNotez: Export the notes you want from DayNotez to a CSV (.csv) file.
2. In The Journal, click on the File menu, Import sub-menu, and choose “Import Entries…” Browse to select the export file.

DayNotez: To import your DayNotez CSV file, click on the File menu, Import sub-menu, and choose “Batch Entry Import…” Then select the DayNotez CSV option.3. You will be prompted for a category to import into. You can let the import process create a new category for you, or you can choose any existing category you want.

If you import into a calendar category (like Daily Journal), the entries will be imported at the date+time you created the note. If you have multiple entries on a particular day, each entry will be imported as a separate entry for that date.

Evernote: If you import into a loose-leaf category, every note will have the title you gave it in Evernote.You don’t have to worry about importing the same entry (or the same export file) twice. The Journal detects when that happens and compares what you’re importing to what you already have. If there has been a change, The Journal will prompt you about which version to import or keep (or both). If the 2 entries are identical, though, nothing happens.

NOTE: If you don’t see your favorite app listed here, send an email to If possible, please include a sample export file or a link to the app’s Web page where such information can be found.