Version History

The Journal has been in constant use and development since the summer of 1996.

This is a detailed list of all recent changes for The Journal 7, and a summary of the history of the previous versions. Backwards. (If you want to read the full history of The Journal, start from the bottom. 🙂 )

The Journal 7


Released 5 December 2017

Primary benefit of this update:

  • Bug fixes (see below).

Bugs Fixed

  • Imported entry links not being properly updated.
  • Exported docx files cannot be opened in MS Word.
  • Copy-and-paste of PNG files into an entry isn’t working.
  • “Import Reminders from CSV file…” not working.

New Features

  • Updated TRichViewEdit/ScaleRichView (entry editor components).
  • Updated DISqlite3 library.



Released 4 September 2017

Primary benefit of this update:

  • Fix for “Paste Entry from Clipboard” bug.

Bugs Fixed

  • “Paste Entry from Clipboard” and “Paste Entry as Sub-Entry” context menu commands not always showing up.
  • “Save Image As…” command not properly setting file extension for PNG images.
  • On “Select Topics” form, clicking on items sometimes starts editing the topic name.

New Features

  • Updated TRichViewEdit/ScaleRichView (entry editor components).
  • Added “Applies to all dates (including past/future)” option for the default entry template in Category Properties (Calendar categories only).



Released 14 August 2017

Primary benefit of this update:

  • Fix for “Bitmap must have 24 or 32 bpp!” bug introduced in Build #1089. *Oops*

Bugs Fixed

  • Getting “Bitmap must have 24 or 32 bpp!” error when inserting/pasting some images.



Released 7 August 2017

Primary benefits of this update:

  • Drag-and-drop rearranging of categories in the main category tree.
  • Entries and categories can now be dragged-and-dropped between users and Journal Volumes.

Bugs Fixed

  • When clicking on the entry tree to bring up a new entry, keyboard focus should stay in the editor.
  • Improperly importing UTF8 characters in html files.
  • In “Merge Categories…”, merged categories are not deleted, even if the option is checked.
  • TJEXP export file option should use a more compact format for entries.
  • Images from some web pages not downloading properly when pasted into an entry.
  • Changes to Extended Security “Automatically Fail…” and “Minimum Wait…” options not always saving.
  • Copying/pasting entries doesn’t work between Journal Volumes.
  • Spell checker and thesaurus forms aren’t scaling.
  • Spell checker form isn’t always properly positioning itself.
  • On Print form, setting the number of copies not always working.

New Features

  • Drag-and-drop rearranging of categories in the main category tree.
  • Entries and categories can now be dragged-and-dropped between users and Journal Volumes.
  • Enhanced category context menus.
  • Added “Rename” to Category menu and context menus (tree layout only).
  • Added “Delete” to Category context menus (tree layout only).
  • Added “New Folder” to Category context menus (tree layout only).
  • Adjusted defaults for new and existing users.
  • Ctrl+D (Insert Date) and Ctrl+T (Insert Time) hot-keys now work in Rename Entry and similar prompts.



Released 20 February 2017

Primary benefits of this update:

  • Improvements to Batch Entry Import.

Bugs Fixed

  • Error importing non-UTF8/non-Unicode text files.
  • Some global settings not being imported when upgrading from previous versions.
  • Search results in entry tree should display full path for loose-leaf entries.
  • There are some inconsistencies in how database transactions are applied.
  • Batch Entry Imports, when importing entries from separate files, should be checking for potential conflicts (e.g., multiple entries on the same date+time).

New Features

  • Updated DISqlite3 library.



Released 1 November 2016

Primary benefits of this update:

  • Improved support for high-DPI monitors.
  • Bug fixes for tablet use.

Bugs Fixed

  • When rotating tablet display, don’t move the category tree position.
  • After rotating tablet display, some popup forms not displaying properly.
  • Menus/toolbars sometimes updating their status during close.
  • Initial entry on startup is being missed in the back/forward buttons.
  • When using “Lock entries on edit”, active entry should be unlocked on minimize.

New Features

  • Updated theme engine.
  • New global theme option: “Theme applies to form borders”
  • Updated SSL DLLs.
  • New entry tree command: “Demote”
  • New hot-keys for entry tree Promote/Demote (Alt+Left/Right).
  • Changed hot-keys for back/forward (Shift+Alt+Left/Right)



Released 3 October 2016

Primary benefits of this update:

  • Bug-fixes for topics, reminders, and other features.

Bugs Fixed

  • “Show User Name tabs” global setting isn’t being saved.
  • When clicking on the calendar on a date that has no entry, if the category has entry time stamps, default the time stamp to the current time.
  • Spell checker tab in User Preferences not always scaling properly.
  • Topics sometimes “highlighting” as unreadable black-on-black.
  • Not stripping bookmarks from pasted RTF.
  • Events set to the n-th and m-th days of the week/month not displaying correctly when edited.
  • When pasting from Firefox, getting an extra space at the beginning of paragraphs.
  • Entry tree, topics tree, etc., not always scrolling with the mouse wheel.
  • When typing new text in the middle of highlighted text, the new text isn’t keeping the highlight.
  • When selecting topic(s) from the topic tree, clicking on the topic name should check the box next to it.
  • Insert Media form isn’t sizeable.
  • Shouldn’t allow creation of topics with commas.

New Features

  • Appointment and event reminders now have default charms for done and missed/canceled.
  • Minor tweaking of menu/toolbars/UI colors for “Windows” theme.
  • Backup form is now sizeable, and has “Select/Unselect All” buttons.
  • Restore progress form now displays name of Journal Volume being restored.



Released 29 August 2016

Primary benefits of this update:

  • The Journal’s Extended Security features are now available to all users. Check them out in User Preferences, on the “Security” tab.
  • Additional enhancements for using The Journal 7 on a tablet.

Bugs Fixed

  • If the doodler is open during an automatic save, the doodler is being closed.
  • All open dialogs should respond to tablet rotation.
  • Can’t draw in the doodler with a touch screen.
  • Can’t resize images (or the doodler) with a touch screen.
  • When entry tree has keyboard focus, it should pass the Paste Special and Paste as Text commands to the editor.
  • If an entry has no title, the first line should display as the title above the editor.
  • Pressing enter on an indented, blank bulleted/numbered item should unindent the item.
  • When using WYSIWYG editor, sometimes getting an error when closing The Journal.

New Features

  • Extended Security features now available to all users.
  • Updated TRichViewEdit/ScaleRichView (entry editor components).



Released 8 August 2016

Primary benefits of this update (besides the first listed bugfix):

  • Enhancements for use on Windows tablets.
    • Improved UI response to tablet rotation.
    • Wider splitters on touchscreens.
  • New defaults for new users and users upgrading from previous versions.

Bugs Fixed

  • In “Search Entries,” unable to access results pages past the first.
  • “Check for Update of The Journal” command not always opening update Web page.
  • Editor option “Use alternative editor formatting” should disable Uniscribe.
  • On PC’s with touchscreens, the splitters need to be wider.
  • With the split-screen editor active, clicking on a table cell in the other editor sometimes causing an error.
  • Entry Report Wizard results aren’t properly displaying tabs in the entry text.
  • When using the embedded category tree, category tree is sometimes sized incorrectly on startup.

New Features

  • New category option: “Display entry topics in status bar”
  • Detect tablet rotation.
  • New default options for new and upgrading users.
  • New category option: “Display entry count in entry tree”



Released 25 July 2016

Primary benefits of this update:

  • Customizable bullets and numbering!
    • Format menu, Bullets & Numbering sub-menu, choose “Bullets & Numbering…” to see the gallery of available options.
    • Right-click on a list (bullets or numbers) and choose “Customize Bullets…” (or “Customize Numbering…”)
  • Improved support for right-to-left (RTL) languages, such as Hebrew and Farsi!
  • Improved import of Unicode text files!
  • Quicker response during Windows shutdown or restart.

Special Thanks to Saeed Ramezani for his invaluable help testing the RTL language improvements.

Bugs Fixed

  • In “Styles”, clicking Add button twice in a row causes an error.
  • When hovering the mouse over an image with a description, it’s displaying the description plus some erroneous extra text.
  • Some issues when upgrading text styles from earlier versions of The Journal.
  • In “Shared Categories…”, unable to unlink a shared category.
  • In “Category Properties…”, getting an error when linking a shared category.
  • In “Category Properties…”, clicking on “Shared Categories…” should warn the user that all unsaved changes to categories are about to be applied.
  • Sometimes getting an error on startup if the splash screen is disabled.
  • Sometimes not loading the description of an image.
  • UI isn’t scaling when you set the user interface font to values above the default.
  • Topic highlights in entry text not always displaying correctly.
  • Sometimes an odd interaction between certain global options and a custom UI font size.
  • Doing a Print Preview of a large batch of entries (1000’s) can take a long time.
  • “Copy Link” is oddly placed in the editor’s context menu.
  • Shouldn’t be able to drag-and-drop entries in “Select Entry” form.
  • If the default category is using the WYSIWYG editor, the first entry loaded on startup is displayed incorrectly.
  • “Force bidirectional editing” global option isn’t being saved.
  • Changing “Force bidirectional editing” option shouldn’t require a restart to take effect.
  • Capitalize Words command isn’t properly handling contractions with curly apostrophes.
  • Importing text files (.txt) is not detecting the BOM (byte order mark).
  • When typing in a right-to-left language, spaces and punctuation aren’t being handled properly.
  • When switching a paragraph from left-to-right editing to right-to-left (or vice versa), existing text in the paragraph isn’t being displayed properly.
  • When applying changes to category properties, sometimes not remembering the active category.
  • Sometimes getting “List index out of bounds (0).” when using Format Painter.
  • “Backup The Journal” form isn’t displaying the most recent backup date.
  • Don’t start a backup on startup without prompting first.
  • Don’t start a backup when closing on Windows shutdown or restart.
  • In split-screen editor mode, it’s possible to resize the top (or left) editor too small to recover.

New Features

  • New Format command: “Bullets & Numbering…” Brings up a gallery of available bullets/numbering options.
  • New editor context menu commands for “Customize Bullets…” and “Customize Numbering…”
  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated TRichViewEdit/ScaleRichView (entry editor components).
  • Made click-and-drag sliders wider/easier to use on touch screens.
  • Updated DISqlite3 library.
  • Added “Sync from Backup File…” to the File menu, Maintenance sub-menu.



Released 16 May 2016

Primary benefits of this update:

  • New/improved import options:
    • InfoSelect v8/v9
    • Jorte (diary)
    • Diaro (updated)

Bugs Fixed

  • In “Export Entries to Document…”, if exporting the entire journal, password-protected categories are being exported without verifying the password.
  • Sometimes seeing “Preparing for search” popup when rearranging entries in the tree.
  • Dragging and dropping entries to arrange them in a loose-leaf category should set the sorting to “none”.
  • Sometimes getting “Index out of bounds” errors after selecting text, when trying to apply certain formatting.
  • When installing an update to a USB drive or cloud folder, sometimes installing into a sub-folder of the intended folder (e.g., “The Journal 7\The Journal 7”).
  • Batch Entry Import should make better use of database transactions.
  • When doing a Batch Entry Import of a CSV file, entries on the same date are ending up with the same first line display.
  • In “Table Properties”, Cell Padding (on the Table page) and Cell Width and Cell Height (on Cell page) are displaying incorrect pixel values.

New Features

  • New Batch Entry Import option: “InfoSelect v8/v9”
  • New Batch Entry Import option: “Jorte (diary) CSV file”
  • Default Entry Templates now always load for all new calendar entries, even entries on past and future dates.
  • Updated Diaro import.
  • Updated DISqlite3 library.



Released 7 March 2016

Primary benefits of this update:

  • Improved search support for character-based languages such as Chinese and Japanese!

Bugs Fixed

  • Clicking on a folder-only category in the category tree is causing an error.
  • “Match whole words only” option in Search Entries forming incorrect search query.
  • In “Category Word Cloud”, clicking on a folder-only category with no entries causes an error.
  • Highlighted text not always being automatically spellchecked.
  • When typing a new first line of an entry, entry tree isn’t immediately showing the new text.
  • Headings in imported/pasted HTML are too big.
  • Search Entries not handling curly apostrophes well.
  • Rulers and text aren’t matching up in WYSIWYG mode.
  • When sorting loose-leaf entries by title, if an entry has no title it should use the first line.
  • When using larger UI sizes, the customize toolbar form isn’t scaling.
  • When pasting HTML via Paste Special, bookmarks aren’t being stripped.
  • Format menu commands Font, Paragraph, and Paragraph Borders aren’t working on text inside tables.
  • Reading dates from INI files sometimes having an error.
  • Some popup forms having a few pixels cut off on the right side.
  • In “Table Properties”, values for border widths, cell spacing and cell padding aren’t being properly set.
  • Sometimes getting an error when opening an entry with a table in WYSIWYG mode.
  • “Daily/Weekly Reminder Report” is always reporting “No entries to report.”

New Features

  • New option: “Indexed Searching Type” (can be either Word or Character).
  • New option: “Default Category Type” (can be either Calendar or Loose-leaf)
  • New word-based indexed search tokenizer that recognizes in-word apostrophes (e.g., “can’t”) and in-number commas and decimal points (e.g., “10,000.01”).
  • Category tree now remembers expanded/collapsed state between sessions.
  • New command “Create New Entry for Now” (hot-key: Ctrl+Shift+F9) (on the Entry menu).
  • New option in Category Properties: “Display entry title in entry tree”



Released 1 February 2016

Primary benefits of this update:

  • External entry links! Link to entries in The Journal from inside other software.
  • Easily switch your categories from treeview to tabs, and vice versa!

Bugs Fixed

  • Sometimes getting “Divide by zero” error on startup.
  • On “Apply Topic” form, autocomplete list is being cut off, and isn’t showing scrollbar.
  • In Batch Entry Import, a blank line in a CSV file is causing an “Index out of bounds” error.
  • Daynotez CSV file format has changed.
  • Toolbar icons should scale a bit smaller on higher DPI monitors.
  • Loose-leaf search results in entry tree aren’t always clear.
  • Inserted media file names not displaying with category’s default font color.
  • Search tab won’t stay active when switching to another category and back.
  • Sometimes getting “Index out of bounds” error when changing font color from toolbar dropdown menu.
  • “Journal Volume may be open already” message pops up unnecessarily.
  • The “Go to Bookmark” and “Insert Template” sub-menus get confused if a category has both bookmarks and templates.
  • When you end a paragraph with Italics text, then either click the “I” button or use CTRL+I to return to normal text, and then hit ENTER for a new paragraph, the text formatting reverts back to Italics in the new paragraph.
  • Entry title display above entry editor needs to be centered a bit to the left to accommodate editor scrollbar.
  • If the first line of text in an entry is in a table, it’s not being displayed in the entry tree.
  • Reminder charms in entry reports aren’t vertically centered on the line.
  • In the print preview of Entry Report Wizard results, report name header is a bit to the left.

New Features

  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated DISqlite3 library.
  • External entry links (links to entries from outside The Journal).
  • Added “Manage Bookmarks” command to Go menu.
  • Added “Show Categories as Tabs” and “Show Categories as Tree” commands to the Category menu, and the category tab/tree context menus.
  • New option for category tree layout: “Embed category tree in entry user interface”
  • New option for category tree layout: “Show category name above entry”



Released 16 December 2015

Bugs Fixed

  • When upgrading entries, sometimes choosing a heading style when a Normal-based style makes more sense.
  • In Search Entries, can’t search for & (ampersand) character.
  • In Search Entries, the search results aren’t updated after clicking “Update Search Index for All Categories”.
  • The background color for empty entries isn’t being saved.
  • Cannot customize keyboard shortcut for “Calendar”, “Entry Tree” and “Timer” on the View menu.

New Features

  • New flat themes: Metro Black and Metro White.



Released 20 October 2015

Bugs Fixed

  • Improved extraction of image caption/title/description from JPG files.
  • If there is an error in creating the database backup file, abort backup process and report.
  • Toolbar icons, entry editor status bars, and the theme preview aren’t scaling to match user interface size.
  • Some of the default entry background images are too small for newer 4K monitors.
  • Can’t right-click on an animated GIF and get the “Image” sub-menu.
  • When showing week numbers on calendar, Create New Entry form’s calendar isn’t wide enough.
  • Sometimes getting an error when editing topics.
  • “Keep all active calendar categories on the same date” option isn’t working.
  • “Missed Reminders” and “View All Reminders” aren’t properly displaying the reminders when larger user interface sizes are active.

New Features

  • Updated DISqlite3 library.
  • Added new option: “Create New Entry prompts for entry date (calendar categories only)”.
  • Added new option: “Create New Entry defaults to today’s date (calendar categories only)”



Released 14 September 2015

Bugs Fixed

  • Improved extraction of image title/description from JPG files.
  • When changing a topic’s color in “Edit Topics”, current entry isn’t showing the change right away.
  • When running “The Journal 7 Repair Utility” shortcut, if you choose to make a backup, there is an error.
  • When typing in a topic name on Apply Topic(s) form, pressing comma should automatically select the first item in the autocomplete list.
  • Editing a table’s width in Table Properties isn’t working.
  • If the automatic backup on starting The Journal has an issue, it stops The Journal from opening properly.
  • When using “Save Image as…” on image entries, the file name and extension aren’t being set properly.
  • Backup process should verify the size of the backup file created.

New Features

  • Updated DISqlite3 library.
  • Updated Diaro import.



Released 11 August 2015

Bugs Fixed

  • “The Journal Support Page” link on the Help menu is going to the main Web page, not the support page.
  • After inserting a table with auto-size set, the first time you type in the table, it shrinks.
  • Edit Properties & Layout for images and objects isn’t properly handling spacing and width/height.
  • Inserted images are smaller at “full size” than they used to be.
  • When printing entries with images in them, the sizes are off.
  • Insert Date, Insert Time and other insert commands with hot-keys aren’t active in the full-screen editor.
  • Need to extract UserComment from JPEG ExIf in addition to ImageDescription.
  • “Get Web Page” command should be able to download more images.
  • If an image in the editor has been stretched (either larger or smaller), clicking on “Toggle Image Full/Thumbnail” should set it to full size, not to thumbnail size.


Released 27 July 2015

Bugs Fixed

  • When deleting a category in Category Properties, still sometimes getting an access violation when applying.
  • When using category tabs, if active or default category is a sub-category, the tab displays blank after editing Category Properties.
  • When using Large (or larger) User Interface Size, some forms aren’t being properly resized.
    In User Preferences, there is no way to reset the user interface font to the default.
  • When switching to a larger user interface size, the calendar isn’t resizing to the proper height.
  • After applying a font with a name like “Segoe UI Light”, you can no longer apply a font with a substring of that name, like “Segoe UI”.
  • When using the arrow keys in the entry tree to move up and down the entries, keyboard focus is shifting to the entry editor.
  • Not locking UI when minimized by the Windows “Show Desktop” and “Minimize All” commands.
  • Unable to reset user login password.
  • Not acquiring an exclusive transaction lock on System db in some cases.
  • When the split editor is active, the relative sizes of the panes aren’t tracking when The Journal is resized.
  • When the split editor is active, the relative sizes of the panes aren’t being saved between sessions.
  • Style and paragraph formatting forms aren’t properly supporting Metric measurements.
  • Metric measurements should all be millimeters for consistency.
  • When upgrading entries from previous versions that contained applied topics, sometimes setting the topic text to “Block Quote” style.
  • Paragraph border and background offsets and paddings are being applied inconsistently.
  • “Insert Image…” form can’t be resized.
  • Non-recurring reminders should always display their current status.
  • When pasting HTML, should remove all checkpoints (HTML anchors) from the pasted text.
  • When doing a “Search Entries by Topic”, the first (oldest) entry isn’t being searched.
  • When a reminder pops up and The Journal is minimized or “behind” other programs, The Journal’s task bar button isn’t blinking.

New Features

  • Added support for importing EfficientPIM CSV files to Batch Entry Import.
  • If a JPEG image file has an image description, it is loaded by default.


Released 1 June 2015

Bugs Fixed

  • On Search Entries form, have to un-click and re-click “Show recent entries first” checkbox to make the option take effect.
  • On Search Entries form, “Show recent entries first” should be the default.
  • On Search Entries by Topic form, “Automatically Select/Unselect sub-topics” option isn’t being saved.
  • When deleting a category in Category Properties, sometimes getting an access violation when applying.
  • Insert Symbol form displays the available symbols very small.
  • When creating a new holiday reminder, trying to set the date to the 3rd Monday of the month isn’t working.
  • When “Capitalize first word of a sentence” is active and The Journal is running under a Windows emulator, getting an error while typing in the entry editor.
  • When the timer is displayed, the “Time Remaining” field should have keyboard focus.
  • In Category Properties, when creating a new category, the new category should be added to the end of the list.
  • In Create New Category, the “Make new category a sub-category of” list isn’t always properly sorted.
  • When inserting a word processor file into an entry, sometimes getting “Style X does not exist” error.
  • When using “Capitalize Words” on the Reformat menu, the first word of paragraphs after the first paragraph is sometimes being lowercased.


Released 11 May 2015

Bugs Fixed

  • Pressing “Buy The Journal” sometimes opening up Notepad instead of browser.
  • If user has a default category set, and that category is made inactive, can cause errors when editing category properties.
  • When selecting an entire paragraph and applying a paragraph style, paragraph settings aren’t being applied.
  • Cannot indent bullets or numbered lists inside a table cell.
  • Penzu import should adjust time stamps for the local time zone.
  • When importing Penzu entries, getting false positives on entry conflicts.
  • Category Word Cloud isn’t respecting categories with passwords.
  • When inserting date/time after an open parenthesis, inserting an extra space before the date/time.
  • Minor improvements (one hopes) to toolbar and menu colors.
  • When spell checking contractions with curly apostrophes, straighten first.
  • When adding contractions to spell checker with right-click menu, curly apostrophes aren’t being straightened.
  • When “Display reminders/events from MS Outlook” is active, sometimes getting an error when opening calendar categories.


v7.0.0.893 – Initial Release
Released 24 April 2015

April 2015: “The Journal, Evolved!” The Journal turned 18 years old in June of last year (making it my second child to reach voting age). The Journal 1 was written for Windows 95, and supported only daily entries. No “Notebook” category. No reminders. And I was the only one using it. =)

So much has changed since then. The Journal has been in almost constant development, growing and evolving from the feedback of the many, many incredible users who have contacted me over the years, sending in suggestions and bug reports and wish lists. With The Journal 7, I hope to have granted more than a few wishes, including some of my own.

The Journal 7’s new features:

  • Search anywhere! See lightning-fast search results in any category. Search results update as you type. Plus, in-entry searching has been made even better, making it easier to see search terms and navigate between them.
  • Search everything! The new, improved Search Entries shows you search results as you type, and allows you to easily add or remove entire categories from your search. Plus, you can now save your searches.
  • More word-processing power! Format your text with new, more powerful styles, including many new options at the paragraph and character levels. Use typographical quotes and apostrophes (AKA “curly quotes”). View two entries at once with split-screen editing. Shut out the world and focus on your writing with the new distraction-free, full-screen editing mode. Search-and-replace within all entries of a category. Save and load DocX files.
  • More flexible user interface! Display your categories as a tree or nested tabs. Color-code your categories. Sort your loose-leaf entries by name, date created, or even last date updated. Fully customize menus, toolbars, and even command hot-keys.
  • Word clouds! See word clouds for your categories based on your entry text or on the topics you have assigned to your entries.
  • Better integration with Windows 8 (and whatever comes next)!
  • New visual themes! The Journal 7 includes a new set of visual themes and a more cohesive look-and-feel (but you can still use the old skins, if you want).
  • Improved security! With salted passwords and a new layer of encryption, The Journal 7 keeps your entries safer than ever.
  • Recover accidentally deleted entries!
  • Streamlined backup, restore, and upgrading!

The Journal 6

Released 9 July 2012

June 2012: My mission statement for The Journal 6 was: “The Journal, Even Better!” I wanted to make The Journal easier to use, while also adding some powerful new features like synchronizing and indexed text searching. Work on The Journal 6 began in June 2011 while my wife and I were waiting for our 3rd child to arrive. He was late, but was eventually induced to make his appearance. Which appearance then seriously slowed The Journal 6 development for a while. 🙂

The Journal 6 new features:

  • Lightning-fast searches! Even if you have thousands of entries in hundreds of categories, searching them is fast and easy.
  • Synchronize multiple copies of The Journal! Have The Journal on your laptop at work and your desktop at home? Keeping them in sync is easier than ever. You can sync from another Journal Volume, a backup file, or any of The Journal’s export files.
  • Synchronize The Journal with your mobile- and tablet-based software! Import your entries and notes from such products as EverNote, Penzu, and more. The Journal also supports exporting to the Xml-based ATOM publishing format which can be imported by other products.
  • Easily use The Journal with automatic backup/sync-ing software! The Journal’s new, single-file database configuration is faster and uses less space on your hard drive or USB/Flash drive, and makes it much easier to use The Journal with products like DropBox.
  • More!
    • Improved printing, exporting, and importing!
    • New Entry Report Wizard (on the Tools menu), with new and improved reports!
    • Improved topic support and reporting!
    • Improved international character support, including Insert Symbol (on the Insert menu)!
    • More options for categories, including specifying the day the week starts and sorting options for loose-leaf entries.
    • New entry editor options like hot-linking images, a running word count on the status bar, format painter, and improved text highlighting.

v6.0.0.779 – Released 21 October 2014
v6.0.0.773 – Released 15 September 2014
v6.0.0.767 – Released 5 August 2014
v6.0.0.765 – Released 4 August 2014
v6.0.0.759 – Released 30 June 2014
v6.0.0.751 – Released 2 June 2014
v6.0.0.743 – Released 31 March 2014
v6.0.0.739 – Released 3 February 2014
v6.0.0.727 – Released 6 January 2014
v6.0.0.721 – Released 4 December 2013
v6.0.0.719 – Released 4 November 2013
v6.0.0.709 – Released 3 October 2013
v6.0.0.705 – Released 27 August 2013
v6.0.0.693 – Released 1 August 2013
v6.0.0.691 – Released 10 June 2013
v6.0.0.675 – Released 9 April 2013
v6.0.0.669 – Released 12 February 2013
v6.0.0.657 – Released 11 December 2012
v6.0.0.635 – Released 7 November 2012
v6.0.0.621 – Released 26 September 2012
v6.0.0.609 – Released 6 August 2012
v6.0.0.597 – Released 18 July 2012
v6 (v6.0.0.589) – Released 9 July 2012

The Journal 5.1

December 2009: The Journal 5.1 is a feature update and bug-fix of The Journal 5. Work on The Journal 5.1 began in late October 2009. My goal for The Journal 5.1 was to add some of the features that had been planned for the initial release of The Journal 5 but, due to time constraints, had been put off to the future.

The Journal 5.1 fixes some bugs (see the list below), updates a few third-party components, and adds some significant new features:

  • Improvements to skinning and more new skins! Many of the skins have been updated, including The Journal’s default skin (BlueBrilliant). The new skins are: BlueBrilliant_Ext, Charm_Ext, Charm2, Office2010 (multiple skins), and SnowLeopard.
  • New toolbar icons for a number of commands, plus the option to use The Journal 4’s icons for toolbars, menus and the entry tree.
  • Localization support – As new language translations of The Journal become available, they will be added.
  • Improvements for using The Journal over a network with multiple simultaneous users.
  • View your Outlook calendar reminders in The Journal!
  • Support for “Quick Blogcast” blog tool and new blog posting options.
  • And, finally, you can wrap text around images in your entries!

v5.1.0.497 – Released 11 April 2012
v5.1.0.489 – Released 14 February 2012
v5.1.0.481 – Released 14 November 2011
v5.1.0.469 – Released 8 August 2011
v5.1.0.461 – Released 6 June 2011
v5.1.0.453 – Released 24 January 2011
v5.1.0.451 – Released 27 December 2010
v5.1.0.435 – Released 4 October 2010
v5.1.0.427 – Released 10 May 2010
v5.1.0.417 – Released 3 March 2010
v5.1.0.409 – Released 27 January 2010
v5.1.0.407 – Released 25 January 2010
v5.1 (v5.1.0.393) – Released 15 December 2009

The Journal 5

July 2009: My plan for The Journal 5, which began development in September 2007, can be summed up as “The Journal Even Better”. I wanted to improve all the major parts of The Journal–the database, the internal data structures, the user interface–and provide more support for international users. Plus I wanted to offer additional category and entry options, more reports and other tools, and, finally, to offer a selection of “skins” for the user interface.

I think I achieved most of that–even if it took a bit longer than I expected.

In short, The Journal 5 is an inside-out redesign of The Journal, preserving all the great journaling and writing features that have accumulated over the years and adding some cool new features and capabilities.

v5.0.0.367 – Released 5 October 2009
v5.0.0.359 – Released 21 September 2009
v5.0.0.355 – Released 9 September 2009
v5.0.0.347 – Released 31 August 2009
v5.0 (v5.0.0.341) – Released 26 August 2009

The Journal 4.1

(March 2006 – August 2009)

March 2006: Though not a major upgrade like the one from v3 to v4, The Journal 4.1 is still a significant step forward. Reminders & Tasks have now been added to The Journal, supplying whole new ways you can use The Journal to organize your life and life’s work. Set reminders for daily tasks, monthly appointments, special days and anniversaries, and more! And with the new entry locking features for shared categories, The Journal edges closer to becoming a true multi-user, maybe even a collaborative, platform. I look forward to building on all of the 4.1 additions and changes as The Journal continues to grow.

August 2007: The last major new feature added to The Journal 4.1 was the option to have multiple entries on a given date. Such an obvious feature (in retrospect), and yet added so late. I’m always surprised by how The Journal continues to evolve.

v4.1.0.253 – Released 5 February 2008
v4.1.0.247 – Released 10 December 2007
v4.1.0.241 – Released 15 October 2007
v4.1.0.239 – Released 9 October 2007
v4.1.0.237 – Released 4 September 2007
v4.1.0.231 – Released 13 June 2007
v4.1.0.229 – Released 11 June 2007
v4.1.0.219 – Released 8 May 2007
v4.1.0.213 – Released 23 April 2007
v4.1.0.207 – Released 19 February 2007
v4.1.0.195 – Released 4 December 2006
v4.1.0.189 – Released 2 October 2006
v4.1.0.181 – Released 12 June 2006
v4.1.0.177 – Released 26 April 2006
v4.1.0.175 – Released 17 April 2006

The Journal 4

(November 2004 – March 2006)

August 2004: Though the story of The Journal 4 lacks the drama of The Journal 3’s grueling development period, it’s an important upgrade nonetheless. Built on the foundation created in v3, v4 takes The Journal to new levels of power and ease of use.

Work on The Journal 4 began in December 2003, with early efforts centered on switching from using the Windows Rich Text Common Control to the very powerful TRichView components created by Sergey Tkachenko. This was a huge change, both in source code and in philosophy, because The Journal was originally built around the rich text edit, and probably would not have existed except for that feature of Windows 95. After years spent tweaking and cajoling (and cursing) the rich text edit to get it to do things that Microsoft probably never meant for it to do, I suffered a few withdrawals. However, this one change, by itself, made possible a large portion of The Journal 4’s new features, including background images for entries, print preview, tables, and on and on. So I’m past the withdrawals now, and not looking back.

With the new entry editor in place, I shifted to adding numerous other features that users have asked for over the years, such as n-depth category nesting, user-created Calendar Charms, and daily/weekly reporting. Beyond user requests, there were other extensions that I wanted to make, such as the ability to install and run The Journal on read-only CDROM’s, that would make The Journal more stable overall and useful in new arenas.

By late August 2004, I had implemented the last of the planned additions and on 1 September I handed The Journal 4 over to a small group of testers. There’s nothing like user testing to help smooth out the new interface and add the necessary polish to the new features–and point out the obvious features and extensions you somehow forgot.

The Journal 4 added:

  • A more modern look-and-feel, that tracked Windows XP themes
  • Improved editing capabilities, including:
    • Background images for entries
    • Improved image handling (faster saving and loading, resizing, and more)
    • Tables
    • More powerful and more flexible text styles
    • Paragraph borders and background colors
    • Improved bullets and numbering
    • Outline mode
    • HTML importing and improved HTML exporting
    • Improved auto-replace, supporting both formatted and unformatted text
    • Assigning topics to blocks of text within an entry
  • Improved printing, including print preview
  • Improved searching, with:
    • Google-like results presentation, with excerpts of found text and links to the found entries
    • Search text highlighting in found entries
    • Date range limiting for standard categories
    • Searching by topic, or by image description
  • Daily/weekly/etc “reporting” for standard categories, with printing
  • Support for user-created Calendar Charms and entry background images
  • Improved blog support, with posting of images (if the blog supports posting images)
  • Web page “archiving” within entries
  • Improved arranging of loose-leaf entries and categories
  • Improved category “nesting”, so you can have sub-categories of sub-categories of sub-categories of…
  • New category options likes “Read Only” and “Folder Only”
  • The ability to install and run The Journal on self-contained, removable media, like a USB flash drive or CDROM
  • Improved database speed and security

v4.0.0.163 – Released 6 December 2005
v4.0.0.161 – Released 24 October 2005
v4.0.0.157 – Released 26 September 2005
v4.0.0.153 – Released 29 August 2005
v4.0.0.147 – Released 20 July 2005
v4.0.0.145 – Released 13 July 2005
v4.0.0.141 – Released 11 April 2005
v4.0.0.137 – Released 2 February 2005
v4.0.0.135 – Released 24 January 2005
v4.0.0.133 – Released 29 December 2004
v4.0.0.127 – Released 8 December 2004
v4.0.0.123 – Released 2 December 2004
v4.0 – Released 29 November 2004

The Journal 3

(November 2001 – November 2004)

(From November 2001): The Journal 3 is a complete re-design and re-write of The Journal, incorporating years of accumulated feedback and suggestions. Since The Journal was first released in 1996, users have sent in their suggestions for features and extensions. As much as possible, these suggestions were incorporated. But some suggestions were beyond what the original design of The Journal could tolerate. There was only so far that The Journal’s feature set could be stretched without starting over from scratch.

Begun in the summer of 1999, development on The Journal 3 proceeded slower than expected. These initial delays were caused by several factors. I was (and still am) co-owner of another software company (Samu Games, and other projects came up that stalled the development of The Journal 3. Plus there was the ever-present need to support the current version of The Journal. By the end of 1999, only The Journal 3’s new database configuration was completed.

In 2000, two major projects with Samu Games prevented significant work on The Journal 3. The Journal 2.3 was released in early 2000, and The Journal 2.4 was begun in the fall of the year. Though the 2.3 release was a relatively straightforward update of The Journal 2.2. The 2.4 release, however, incorporated some of the features that had been designed for The Journal 3. New word processing features (like numbered lists and multi-level undo), improved image handling, and especially the new export/import format were all from work done for The Journal 3.

Most of the work on The Journal 3 that occurred during 2000 was on the new user interface. There was a lot of experimentation with new layouts, new configurations, and new ways of representing the categories and entries in the database. Some of it worked, and was kept. A lot of it, though, proved “iffy at best” and was discarded (or turned into a “user preference”, default off).

In March 2001, following the release of The Journal 2.4, I realized that I had spent too much time on “research and development”. If I expected to release The Journal 3 in this lifetime, I was going to have to stop thinking up new features to add and experiment with. So the feature set of The Journal 3 was “frozen”, and I began working on getting The Journal 3 done.

Interestingly enough, while The Journal 3 already sported quite a few features that The Journal 2.x would never be able to duplicate, The Journal 2.x had many more features that had not yet been implemented in The Journal 3. So to get The Journal 3 “done” I had to get all of the existing 2.x features working in the new version. Everything from simple options like “minimize to system tray” to more complex features like entry templates had yet to be added to The Journal 3.

This turned out to be the single largest effort in the development of The Journal 3. The Journal had accumulated quite a few features in its 5+ years, and re-doing them for The Journal 3 proved to take more time than I estimated. In August 2001, 6 months later, the last of the 2.x feature set was finally added to The Journal 3.

In September 2001, The Journal 3 was handed over to a small number of volunteers to see how it would stand up. With their help, most of the bugs and issues were found and either fixed or resolved. The last bit of testing and polishing occurred when The Journal 3 “pre-release” was made available in mid-November.

The Journal has already grown beyond my original vision for the project. I’m excited to see what new directions the product will head in the future.

2004 Afternote: The Journal grew significantly after the initial release of v3. Here’s a list of the major improvements and features added to The Journal from November 2001 to October 2004:

  • Improved printing
  • Improved “Search Entries…”
  • Improved entry navigation
  • Improved entry templates
  • Improved initial defaults for new users
  • Improved entry export and import
  • Improved user interface, including lots of new hot-keys
  • Improved entry links and internet links
  • Improved database maintenance
  • Improved documentation
  • Calendar Charms
  • Add-on package support
  • MemoryGrabber add-on package
  • Writing Prompts 1 add-on package
  • Blog support

v3.0.0.71 -Released 22 September 2004
v3.0.0.67 -Released 13 July 2004
v3.0.0.65 -Released 13 April 2004
v3.0.0.63 -Released 6 April 2004
v3.0.0.61 -Released 10 February 2004
v3.0.0.59 -Released 29 December 2003
v3.0.0.57 -Released 15 December 2003
v3.0.0.51 -Released 6 October 2003
v3.0.0.49 -Released 15 July 2003
v3.0.0.47 -Released 9 July 2003
v3.0.0.45 -Released 10 April 2003
v3.0.0.43 -Released 24 February 2003
v3.0.0.41 -Released 9 December 2002
v3.0.0.39 -Released 26 August 2002
v3.0.0.35 -Released 2 April 2002
v3.0.0.33 -Released 18 February 2002
v3.0.0.31 -Released 12 February 2002
v3.0.0.27 -Released 6 February 2002
v3.0.0.25 -Released 4 February 2002
v3.0.0.23 -Released 7 January 2002
v3.0.0.21 -Released 17 December 2001
v3.0.0.19 -Released 3 December 2001
v3.0 -Released 28 November 2001

The Journal 2

(September 1998 – October 2001)

The Journal 2.0, released in late September, 1998, built on the feature set that had been finalized in the 1.51 release. More word-processing and security features were added, and database maintenance and stability was greatly enhanced. Throughout the 2.x series of releases, The Journal continued to mature, though not at the same pace as before. Refinement and extension replaced a headlong rush to add new features. The 2.4 release of The Journal, coming nearly a year after the previous release, was the most significant of the 2.x updates after 2.0.

v2.43 – Released September 28 2001.
v2.42 – Released August 20 2001.
v2.41 – Released April 16 2001.
v2.40 – Released February 9 2001.
v2.30 – Released April 7 2000.
v2.20 – Released December 6 1999.
v2.11 – Released June 21 1999.
v2.10 – Released April 5 1999.
v2.02 – Released February 1 1999.
v2.01 – Released November 11 1998.
v2.00 – Released September 30 1998.

The Journal 1

(October 1996 – August 1998)

v1.30 was the first shareware release of The Journal, made available in October, 1996. This was a period of expanding features for The Journal. Hardly a month went by without a new release coming out with more features–and bug-fixes for previously added features. This “growth spurt” period went on for nearly a year before finally slowing down.

With the release of The Journal 1.5 in January, 1998, The Journal became a mature software product.

v1.51 – Released February 20 1998.
v1.50 – Released January 30 1998.
v1.44 – Released December 12 1997.
v1.43 – Released September 26 1997
v1.42 – Released July 19 1997
v1.41 – Released July 1 1997
v1.40 – Released June 28 1997
v1.39 – Released June 7 1997
v1.38 – Released March 23 1997
v1.37 – Released February 9 1997
v1.36 – Released January 12 1997
v1.35 – Released December 29 1996
v1.34 – Released December 13 1996
v1.33 – Released November 25 1996
v1.32 – Released November 15 1996
v1.31 – Released October 14 1996
v1.30 – First Shareware Release October 11 1996

The Journal 1 – The Freeware Days

(June-September 1996)

The Journal started out as a quick project, mostly as a way to learn how to use Delphi. Fittingly, most of the original users of The Journal were other Delphi programmers who downloaded it from the various “Made in Delphi” web pages. Feedback from these and other users prompted me to extend The Journal significantly, and release it as shareware.

v1.21 – Released August 12 1996
v1.20 – Released August 9 1996
v1.1 – Released July 8 1996
v1.0 – Initial Release. June 18 1996

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