The Journal Newsletter – November 2003

The Journal Newsletter

November 2003
Volume 4 Issue 11


Happy Thanksgiving!

This month’s tip describes The Journal’s Web browser-like Back and Forward commands on the Go menu, and Susan gives us a new collection of writing exercises (none of which have anything to do with turkey 😉 ).

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Tips & Tricks

TIP: The Back/Forward Buttons and Entry History

Like a Web browser, The Journal includes the ability to go “back” and “forward” through those entries you have recently viewed or edited.

Back (on the toolbar and Go menu)
Hot-key: Alt+Left (arrow)

Back takes you back to the last entry you were in. If you have opened a sequence of entries Back will take you through each of those entries, in reverse order.

Forward (on the toolbar and Go menu)
Hot-key: Alt+Right (arrow)

Forward does the opposite of Back. Once you have gone back to a previous entry, you can use Forward to retrace your steps.

If you find yourself switching between two or three entries, Back and Forward can provide a snappy way of going from one entry to the other.

Entry History (on the Go menu)

The Entry History form shows every entry you have opened at least once since you started The Journal. Just clicking on an entry in the list will bring up that entry.

The Entry History form can be left open, helping you switch between any number of frequently used entries.


Writing Prompts

by Susan Michael

Free Writing Exercise – Write for 20 minutes, (without editing) in any style using “Why Claire Left” as a starter.

Poetry Exercise – Write three shaped-verse poems. Shaped-verse poems are a form of “pattern poetry”, where the letters, words, and lines of the poem are arranged to form a picture/outline of the subject of the poem. An example is a poem in the shape of a Christmas tree discussing your thoughts about Christmas itself, family traditions, and so on.

Prose Exercise – Write series of short sketches in which one character is relating stories or experiences to another. For example, “What the Moon Saw”, by Hans Christian Andersen:

Journaling Exercise – Track your self esteem. Note how it fluctuates, and try to pinpoint what affects it positively or negatively. Include things such as amount of sleep, nutrition, stress, goal setting, recreational activities. Continue the exercise by writing about what keeps you in balance.

Memoir Prompt – What were your childhood pastimes?

About the author: Susan Michael currently facilitates the Tulsa Writers Cafe for the Arts & Humanities Council in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ms. Michael has also led writing & creativity workshops for children, teenagers, and adults.

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