The Journal Newsletter – March/April 2004

The Journal Newsletter

March/April 2004


It’s Spring! Always good, I figure. Except for the…<sneeze>…allergies…

Our tip section this week describes how to set the background color of entries, while Susan gives us a new collection of writing exercises. To make up for missing the March newsletter, this month we have a double collection of writing exercises.

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Tips & Tricks

TIP: How to Set the Entry Background Color

You can set your entry background color 2 ways: at the entry level, and at the category level.

Setting an Entry’s Background Color

  1. Click on the Entry menu and bring up the “Entry Color” sub-menu.
  2. You can choose “Default”, which resets the entry to the category’s default entry color; “Custom”, to define a specific color; or choose from the set of 16 pre-selected colors.

Setting a Category’s Default Entry Background Color

  1. Right-click on the category’s tab and choose “Category Properties…”
  2. Bring up the “Entry Text Style” tab.
  3. Use the “Entry Background Color” button to select the color to use for the background.
  4. Click “Done” to save your changes.

NOTE: When you set or change your category’s entry background color, it only affects new entries in that category. Existing entries will retain their current color. To change existing entries, you will need to use the steps outlined above.

Writing Prompts

by Susan Michael

Free Writing Exercise – 1. Write for 20 minutes (without editing) in any style using, “Soap Bubbles” or “Bottle Rockets” as your title.

2. Write for 20 minutes (without editing) in any style using, “String Theory”. Or “Modern American Fantasy”. Or , “An Ordinary Morning”.

Poetry Exercise – 1. Write a poem using “Writers Anonymous” as your title. (Or, “Hi My Name Is�”)

2. Transitory -Write a poem based on transitory things.

Prose Exercise – 1. Write a personal essay based on the most memorable/ poignant purchase that you have made.

2. Write a story with “Domestic Breakfast Scene” as your title.

Journaling Exercise – 1. List the books that you have been reading. Write your opinions, and if you would recommend it to someone else to read.

2. What is something that you do for solely for yourself as a reward or just to celebrate who you are?

Memoir Prompt – 1. Do you know how your grandparents met? Find out and write about the story.

2. Write about a job that you had which you either learned a great deal from, or which you dreaded. Write in a narrative form.

About the author: Susan Michael currently facilitates the Tulsa Writers Cafe for the Arts & Humanities Council in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ms. Michael has also led writing & creativity workshops for children, teenagers, and adults.

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