The Journal Newsletter – August 2006

The Journal Newsletter

August 2006


Here in the United States, it’s Back to School time. So I wanted to remind everyone that The Journal offers a discount for students and educators at all levels. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

This month’s Tips & Tricks section describes how to create a simple entry template. And Susan provides a new set of writing exercises.

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Tips & Tricks


TIP: Creating Your Own Simple Templates

Templates allow you to use standard forms or blocks of text in your entries. Writing and journaling prompts, worksheets and forms, and “boilerplate” text are all possible with templates.

Simple templates are inserted without any processing, exactly as they were created. Any loose-leaf entry can be a simple template. Template entries are displayed in the entry tree with a red “T” () beside their name.

Here are the steps to create a simple template:

1. Create a loose-leaf entry to be the template (Entry menu, Create New Entry sub-menu, Document). The “Templates” category can be used for this, or any other loose-leaf/notebook category you choose. Name the entry “My Template”.

2. Enter the text to use for the template. Here is some example template text (between the “- – – – -“):

– – – – –

Today I accomplished:

This made me happy today:

This made me angry today:

– – – – –

Simple templates preserve all text formatting. So you can use font decorations like bold, italic, and underline in your template and those will still be there when you insert the template.

3. Now, to mark the entry as a template, click on the Entry menu, and choose Template Entry. The entry’s icon in the entry tree will now show a red “T”.

Inserting a Template

1. Position the editor cursor in the entry where you want the template inserted.

2. Click on the Insert menu (or right-click the entry), and choose “Insert Template…”

3. Choose the template you want.

The selected template is then added to the current entry.

Templates can be set to be the “default entry template” for a category, and automatically loaded in new entries. This tip from last year explains how to do that:

How to have a “Default Entry Template”

Writing Prompts

by Susan Michael

Free Writing Prompt – 1. Write for 20 minutes without editing using the following title, “The Cat Came Back”.

2. Write for 20 minutes without editing using the following title, “Children’s Games”.

Poetry Prompt – Write a poem using the title, “Love Poem Number 137”.

Prose Prompt – Write a short story using the title: “Simon Says”.

Journaling Prompt – Write about any incongruent actions. i.e. You want a certain outcome but in some way work against it happening. What type of story could you write in which the main character works against himself?

Memoir Prompt – Has any one in your family suffered from a chronic illness? Write about your experience. Consider interviewing the person about their experience with living with illness.

Opinion Prompt – Do you think that people have the right to decide when to end their life?

About the author: Susan Michael facilitates the Tulsa Writers Cafe for the Arts & Humanities Council in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ms. Michael has also led writing & creativity workshops for children, teenagers, and adults.

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