The Journal Newsletter – May/June/July 2007

The Journal Newsletter

May/June/July 2007


Is it almost halfway through Summer 2007 already? Oops.

I rather dropped the ball on the newsletter this summer, due to a few personal issues (finding a house, buying a house, selling a house, etc.) which have–finally!–settled back into a “more normal” routine. To prevent a similar lapse in the future, though, I’ve added a reminder for myself. (Reminders have been in The Journal for over a year now, and I only just created a newsletter reminder? Shocking, I know.)

Even though The Journal Newsletter has been silent, there has been quite a bit of news. In May and June, I worked on a new, Windows Vista-compliant release of The Journal that came out in June. Then in July, The Journal and Steve Pavlina (of teamed up to create a new add-on: Steve Pavlina’s Templates. Look in the The Journal News below for more information.

I hope your own summer is pleasantly eventful!

Thank you for using The Journal!

Tips & Tricks

TRICK: i-to-I Auto-Correction

You can use The Journal’s spell checker’s auto-correction to automatically replace i (lowercase) with I (uppercase).

Here’s how:

1. Click on the “User” menu and choose “User Preferences…”

2. Bring up the “Spell Checker” tab.

3. Click on the “Dictionaries” button.

4. Select the dictionary with your user name (Example: J3Spell-David), then click on “Edit”.

5. Bring up the “Auto-Correct Pairs” tab.

6. Replace: i

7. With: I

8. Click on “Add”, and then “OK”, “OK”, and finally “Done”.

Of course, you can create other auto-corrections, as well. And now you know how. =)

TIP: Using Tables for Text Layout (putting text beside an image)

You can use tables to control the layout of text and pictures. The most obvious example of this is using a table to put text beside a picture.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Click on the “Table” menu and choose “Insert Table…”

2. Number of Columns: 2

3. Number of Rows: 1

4. Size Table Manually: 100 percent

5. Click on the left table cell.

6. Insert the image (“Insert” menu, “Insert Image…”).

7. Use the mouse to resize the left table cell to fit the image.

8. Click on the right table cell.

9. Enter the text to be beside the image.

You can also use this to create 2-column (or 3-column, or more) text in an entry.

Writing Prompts

Free Writing Prompt – Write for 20 minutes using the following as your starter: “This year, on my summer vacation, I …”

Journaling Prompt – Have you ever justified yourself with that old saying (and 1970’s disco lyric): “You gotta be cruel to be kind”? Were you rationalizing then? Are you rationalizing now? Do you have that song stuck in your now (like I do)?

Memoir Prompt – Did you live in the same house throughout your childhood? Or, like me, did you move around a lot? List the places you remember living as a child. Do you have any special memories (good or bad) from each house you lived in?

Submission Information

If you would like to contribute to the “How I Use The Journal”, “Writing Exercises”, or “Tips & Tricks” sections, or would like to submit an article about journaling, writing, or another The Journal-related topic, we would love to hear from you.

Submissions for the newsletter should be sent to:

If you are submitting for a particular section, please indicate which one. Try to limit your submissions to 500-1000 words. Submissions may be edited for length and content.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, please state this in the email. Otherwise your name (but not your email) will be used in the article heading.

As always, if you have any suggestions for, or bug reports about, The Journal, please feel free to email them. Both are always welcome.


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