The Journal Newsletter – December 2008

The Journal Newsletter

December 2008


Happy Holidays 2008!

I’ve been busy all year working on the next major update of The Journal. I had hoped to be announcing its availability before the end of 2008, but it turned out to be a “more major update” than I anticipated. So instead of announcing its availability, I’m just letting you know what I’m (still) up to.

I’ll have more news in the first few months of 2009, but here’s a taste of what’s coming:

* New calendar category options: More than just daily, weekly and monthly, there will be options to have entries every 5-30 minutes; every 1-12 hours; even entries for a year, decade, or century (for people who think long term or are writing histories).

* You’ll be able to have loose-leaf entries as sub-entries (attachments) of calendar entries. You can even have loose-leaf entries in a calendar category that are at the top level (not a sub-entry of a date or time).

* Monthly calendar view and (horizontal) year calendar view of entries and reminders.

* Day/week planner views of reminders.

* New backup options: automatically copy your backup files to another location on your hard drive or network, or even FTP the backup file to a server.

* User interface “skinning” with lots of skins to choose from (150+), plus support for the new Vista UI options.

* Have multiple Journal Volumes and users open at the same time, in an easy-access tabbed interface.

* Improved support for foreign languages (with an eye to translating the UI in the near future).

There’s more (including bug-fixes), but those are the highlights of what I’ve already done. A few significant features that I have yet to tackle:

* WYSIWYG editing of entries.

* Automatic sync-ing of Journal Volumes.

* Support for desktop search utilities.

* Integration with Google Calendar and (still tentative) Outlook.

Once I have the core new features in place, I’ll start user testing. I expect that to happen in late January or February. I’ll be asking for volunteers to help out when I get to that point. =)

As always, we have a new tip this month and a new set of writing exercises.

Thank you for using The Journal!

Tips & Tricks

TIP: How to Move The Journal to a New Computer

Whether you buy a new computer or a new hard drive or whatever, eventually you’re going to need to move The Journal from one computer to another. Here’s how you do that:

1. Backup The Journal on your old computer. Click on the Journal menu, Maintenance sub-menu, and choose “Backup The Journal…” This creates a backup file (*.jbk).

2. Download and install The Journal to your new computer. Just go to The Journal’s Web page and download the software again.

3. Copy the backup file (.jbk) to your new computer. You can copy the backup file to a CD or external hard drive or even over your LAN.

4. Restore the backup file on your new computer. Click on the Journal menu, Maintenance sub-menu, and choose “Restore From Backup…”

5. Enter your Registration Keys for The Journal on your new computer.

6. Un-install The Journal from your old computer.

Writing Prompts

Free Writing Prompt – Write for 20 minutes using the following as your starter: “Five Fingers”

Journaling Prompt – How hard (or easy) do you make it for other people to help you? Do your friends and family know when you do (or don’t) want (or need) help? Are you too independent (or too needy)? How much do you project your own attitudes towards asking and receiving help onto the people closest to you?

Memoir Prompt – Make a list of the books you read (or movies you watched; or music you listened to) for the first time this year. The books (or movies or music) don’t have to be new in 2008, just new to you.

Submission Information

If you would like to contribute to the “How I Use The Journal”, “Writing Exercises”, or “Tips & Tricks” sections, or would like to submit an article about journaling, writing, or another The Journal-related topic, we would love to hear from you.

Submissions for the newsletter should be sent to:

If you are submitting for a particular section, please indicate which one. Try to limit your submissions to 500-1000 words. Submissions may be edited for length and content.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, please state this in the email. Otherwise your name (but not your email) will be used in the article heading.

As always, if you have any suggestions for, or bug reports about, The Journal, please feel free to email them. Both are always welcome.


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