The Journal Newsletter – April 2010

The Journal Newsletter

April 2010


Welcome to April 2010! (Off topic: Weren’t we supposed to have spaceships on the way to Jupiter about now? 2010 and all? No? I read too much science fiction as a kid? Ok…)

This month Jono Martin shares some handy auto-replace strings, and, as always, we have a new set of writing exercises.

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Tips & Tricks

TIP: Auto-Replace with Webdings & Wingdings Characters

By Jono Martin

Auto-replace, for those who may not know, is a feature that tells The Journal to change what you type to something else. It’s usually used to correct common spelling errors or to insert symbols into the text. For example, if you type (c) in an entry, The Journal will replace that with the copyright symbol �.

If you go to “User Preferences…” in the User menu and click on the Editor tab, you’ll be presented with two more tabs–Editor Options and Image Options.

On the Editor Options tab, you’ll see an option to turn on or off the “Auto-Replace while typing” feature with a button next to it called “Edit Auto-Replace Strings”. Clicking on that button will allow you to create your own auto-replace items.

I have the following in mine:

  • Replace [] with an empty box (Webdings letter c ) – for new checklist items
  • Replace [d with a check mark (Webdings letter a ) – for completed items
  • Replace [p with a solid dot (Webdings letter p ) – for items in process
  • Replace [x with a large X (Webdings letter r ) – for items that I failed to do
  • Replace [c with a “no” symbol (Webdings letter x ) – for canceled items
  • Replace [? with a large question mark (Webdings letter s ) – to mark an item as “don’t know”
  • Replace [f with a right arrow (Wingdings letter f ) – for forwarded items (postponed)
  • Replace [w with an empty circle (Wingdings3 letter w ) – for items marked as Waiting For…
  • Replace [i with a large ditto mark (Webdings ; ) – for incomplete items

Click on “New Auto-Replace” to create a new item. And check the option “Use formatting” so you can select the Webdings or Wingdings font with the “Font…” button.

It looks like a lot to setup, but it really only takes a few minutes. It’s handy and useful to me.

Writing Prompts

Free Writing Prompt – Write for 20 minutes using the following as your starter: “Self Storage”

Journaling Prompt – Write about honesty as a virtue. Now write about honesty as a vice.

Memoir Prompt – Make a list of what you have in mini-storage. Or in your attic. Then go check the list against what’s really there, creating a new list if necessary. Keep both copies.

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