The Journal 7 Build #945 Now Available

The Journal 7 Build #945 is a bugfix and minor update release. This is a free update for all registered users of The Journal 7.

Bugs Fixed

  • Improved extraction of image caption/title/description from JPG files.
  • If there is an error in creating the database backup file, abort backup process and report.
  • Toolbar icons, entry editor status bars, and the theme preview aren’t scaling to match user interface size.
  • Some of the default entry background images are too small for newer 4K monitors.
  • Can’t right-click on an animated GIF and get the “Image” sub-menu.
  • When showing week numbers on calendar, Create New Entry form’s calendar isn’t wide enough.
  • Sometimes getting an error when editing topics.
  • “Keep all active calendar categories on the same date” option isn’t working.
  • “Missed Reminders” and “View All Reminders” aren’t properly displaying the reminders when larger user interface sizes are active.

New Features

  • Updated DISqlite3 library.
  • Added new option: “Create New Entry prompts for entry date (calendar categories only)”.
  • Added new option: “Create New Entry defaults to today’s date (calendar categories only)”


Upgrading from The Journal 7 (any previous build)

Click on the “File” menu, “Maintenance” sub-menu and choose “Backup The Journal…” to create a backup *before* you install the update.

Click on the “Help” menu and choose “Check for Update of The Journal”. Download the update and install it over your current version. You can also download the update directly from the Web page, as this build is now the default download.

NOTE: Please close The Journal before installing the update. The Journal cannot be running when you install the update.

Upgrading from The Journal 6 (or any previous version)

NOTE: Do NOT uninstall the previous version! (At least, not until you’re satisfied with the upgrade. Then you can uninstall the previous version.)

Download and install The Journal 7. If you have The Journal installed in the default location, you will be prompted by The Journal 7 about upgrading your TJ6 (or earlier) Journal Volumes.

You will need to close The Journal 6 while TJ7 upgrades your Journal Volumes. After that, though, you can run both The Journal 7 and The Journal 6 without any issues.

Click here for information about upgrade pricing.

Updated: October 20, 2015 — 9:07 pm