The Journal 7 Build #1065 Now Available!

The Journal 7 Build #1065 is a bugfix and minor update release. This is a free update for all registered users of The Journal 7. See below for upgrading instructions.

Primary benefits of this update:

  • Bug-fixes for topics, reminders, and other features.

Bugs Fixed

  • “Show User Name tabs” global setting isn’t being saved.
  • When clicking on the calendar on a date that has no entry, if the category has entry time stamps, default the time stamp to the current time.
  • Spell checker tab in User Preferences not always scaling properly.
  • Topics sometimes “highlighting” as unreadable black-on-black.
  • Not stripping bookmarks from pasted RTF.
  • Events set to the n-th and m-th days of the week/month not displaying correctly when edited.
  • When pasting from Firefox, getting an extra space at the beginning of paragraphs.
  • Entry tree, topics tree, etc., not always scrolling with the mouse wheel.
  • When typing new text in the middle of highlighted text, the new text isn’t keeping the highlight.
  • When selecting topic(s) from the topic tree, clicking on the topic name should check the box next to it.
  • Insert Media form isn’t sizeable.
  • Shouldn’t allow creation of topics with commas.

New Features

  • Appointment and event reminders now have default charms for done and missed/canceled.
  • Minor tweaking of menu/toolbars/UI colors for “Windows” theme.
  • Backup form is now sizeable, and has “Select/Unselect All” buttons.
  • Restore progress form now displays name of Journal Volume being restored.


Upgrading from The Journal 7 (any previous build)

Click on the “File” menu, “Maintenance” sub-menu and choose “Backup The Journal…” to create a backup *before* you install the update.

Click on the “Help” menu and choose “Check for Update of The Journal”. Download the update and install it over your current version. You can also download the update directly from the Web page, as this build is now the default download.

NOTE: Please close The Journal before installing the update. The Journal cannot be running when you install the update.

Upgrading from The Journal 6 (or any previous version)

NOTE: Do NOT uninstall the previous version! (At least, not until you’re satisfied with the upgrade. Then you can uninstall the previous version.)

Download and install The Journal 7. If you have The Journal installed in the default location, you will be prompted by The Journal 7 about upgrading your TJ6 (or earlier) Journal Volumes.

You will need to close The Journal 6 while TJ7 upgrades your Journal Volumes. After that, though, you can run both The Journal 7 and The Journal 6 without any issues.

Click here for information about upgrade pricing.

Updated: October 3, 2016 — 5:00 pm