Reminders in The Journal

The Journal providesĀ four types of reminder: appointments, events, tasks and special days.

Appointments – Modern life can sometimes seem to be one appointment after the other. Appointments have both a date and a time, and you can choose to have The Journal popup a visual and auditory prompt when its time for the appointment, or up to 6 hours before hand so you can get an early start.

Events – Similar to both special days and appointments, events can be daily, weekly, or monthly, and can even occur at a particular time. The biggest difference between events and appointments is that events are assumed to repeat on a regular basis (like the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month).

Tasks – Tasks are a special kind of reminder. Like events, tasks usually repeat, either every day, every week, etc. Tasks have a status: active, done, skipped, canceled, or missed.

Special Days – Special days are birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays that we all want to remember–but sometimes those days sneak up on us, and even sneak past us.

There are also a number of advanced features and properties that can be applied to all reminders, whatever type they may be. Look in the online help (hot-key: F1) in the “Index”, under “Advanced Reminder Options” for the details. Or just create a new reminder and click on the “Advanced” tab and experiment.