Build an Information Database with The Journal!

Put everything in The Journal, and find it in a snap with The Journal’s fully indexed searching. The Journal allows you to search entry titles, image and media descriptions, and your reminders.

Link your entries to each other, to Web pages, to files on your hard drive, even link to your entries from other software.

Organize your information with The Journal’s categories, or dump it all in one uber category and do ad hoc searches. The Journal’s indexed search even supports simple match queries with AND, OR and NEAR.

Go beyond text search with The Journal’s topic feature. Create your own tree-structured list of topics, and tag your entries for rapid look up. You can tag an entire entry for a top-level overview, or tag blocks of texts and images within an entry and see them in isolation when you search by topic.

Here is a quick overview of how The Journal organizes your information: You can have one or more Journal Volumes (databases), each with one or more user logins with individual passwords. Each user login can have one or more categories (which can also have passwords). Categories can be either calendar categories (date-time-based entries) or loose-leaf (tree-structured entries). A category can have any number of entries (documents).