Journal Volume FAQ

What is a Journal Volume?

A Journal Volume is an “entry database” for The Journal. A Journal Volume can contain one or more user logins and all of their categories and entries.

Journal Volumes can be placed on any available hard drive, internal or external or network attached, or even removable thumb drives. Each Journal Volume must have a unique name.

Most users of The Journal will only need a single Journal Volume.


What is the size limit on a Journal Volume?

The maximum size of a Journal Volume is 30 TB (terabytes) on Windows.

NOTE: If you are running The Journal under a Windows emulator (for example, on your Mac or your Linux desktop), the maximum size of the Journal Volume will be limited by the host operating system (e.g., 2 GB under Wine on Linux).


How do I move The Journal to a new computer?

1. Create a backup of your Journal Volume(s) (File menu, Maintenance sub-menu, Backup The Journal…).

2. Download and install The Journal on your new computer.

3. Copy the backup file(s) you created in #1 to your new computer.

4. Run The Journal on your new computer. In the New User Wizard, check the option “I need to Restore from a Backup of The Journal” and click on “Next”.

5. Browse to select the backup file.

6. Click on “Restore”. You will be prompted to create the Journal Volumes you need.


How do I use The Journal on a Network?

The Journal can have its Journal Volume(s) on a shared or network folder, allowing multiple users to access those Journal Volume(s) at the same time. To do this, though, The Journal must be installed properly.

1. When you install The Journal, on the “Select Additional Tasks” page of the install wizard, you need to check this option: “The Journal’s database will be in a shared or network folder”

2. You will be prompted to specify the shared/network folder to use.

3. You will have to do this on each of the computers or workstations that will be using The Journal over the network.

4. If the users will be accessing or updating the same categories and entries simultaneously:Once you have The Journal installed, you’ll want to have set categories to use the “Lock Entries on Edit” option (on the “Sharing” tab of Category Properties).


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