The Journal Keyboard Shortcuts

The Journal’s Keyboard Shortcuts (Hot-Keys) Alphabetically

Ctrl+A – Select All (entire entry)
Ctrl+Shift+A – Insert Entry Date (date of the active entry) at cursor
Ctrl+B – Toggle Bold On/Off
Ctrl+Shift+B – Backup The Journal
Ctrl+C – Copy selection to clipboard
Ctrl+Alt+C – Toggle calendar On/Off
Ctrl+D – Insert Current Date at cursor
Ctrl+Shift+D – Add/edit description of selected image
Ctrl+E – Center paragraph
Ctrl+Shift+E – Shift focus to entry
Ctrl+F – Find text in entry
Ctrl+Shift+F – Search entries
Ctrl+G – Replace text in entry
Ctrl+Shift+G – Tag entry with topic
Ctrl+H – Hanging indent
Ctrl+Shift+H – Edit the current paragraph as right-to-left (for Middle Eastern users)
Ctrl+I – Toggle Italics On/Off
Ctrl+Shift+I – Insert Current Timer at cursor
Ctrl+Alt+I – Toggle countdown timer and stopwatch On/Off
Ctrl+J – Hide Journal
Ctrl+Shift+J – Open Journal Volume
Ctrl+Alt+J – Activate The Journal (if running)
Ctrl+Shift+K – Block justify paragraph
Ctrl+K – Insert Link
Ctrl+L – Align paragraph left
Ctrl+Shift+L – Toggle bulleting
Ctrl+M – Indent paragraph
Ctrl+Shift+M – Unindent paragraph
Ctrl+Shift+N – Toggle numbering
Ctrl+Shift+O – Toggle outline
Ctrl+P – Print
Ctrl+Shift+P – Apply topic
Ctrl+Shift+Q – Set selected text to “”
Ctrl+R – Align paragraph right
Ctrl+Shift+R – Thesaurus
Ctrl+S – Save all changes
Ctrl+Shift+S – Spell checker
Ctrl+T – Insert Current Time at cursor
Ctrl+Shift+T – Shift focus to date tree
Ctrl+Alt+T – Toggle date tree On/Off
Ctrl+U – Toggle Underline On/Off
Ctrl+Shift+U – Switch user (login in as a different user)
Ctrl+V – Paste from clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+V – Paste Special from clipboard
Ctrl+W – Count words in entry or selected text
Ctrl+Shift+W – Count words in the active entry plus the words in all sub-entries
Ctrl+X – Cut selection to clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+X – Insert To-do (CheckBox)
Ctrl+Y – Redo changes
Ctrl+Shift+Y – Edit layout properties of selected image
Ctrl+Z – Undo changes

Ctrl+Tab – Move to next category tab
Ctrl+Shift+Tab – Move to previous category tab
Ctrl+ – Apply default text style to selected text
Ctrl+Shift+ – Apply default text style to selected text, retaining formatting
Ctrl+Delete – Delete word
Ctrl+Shift+Insert – Paste from clipboard as text
Ctrl+ – Toggle Strikeout On/Off
Ctrl+Shift+ – Insert line at cursor
Ctrl+[ – -1 font size
Ctrl+] – +1 font size
Ctrl+= – Subscript
Ctrl+Shift+= – Superscript

Alt+Up – Move Entry Up
Alt+Down – Move Entry Down
Alt+Shift+Up – Promote Entry
Alt+Left – Back
Alt+Right – Forward

F1 – Context-sensitive help
F2 – Rename selected entry
Ctrl+F2 – Add a Calendar Charm to selected entry
F3 – Repeat last find
F4 – Lock/Unlock active entry (prevent/allow editing)
F5 – Go to today’s entry in category (Calendar Categories only)
Ctrl+F5 – Go to date (Calendar Categories only)
Ctrl+Shift+F5 – Go to a random entry in the current category (Calendar Categories only)
F6 – Set date for all active categories (Calendar Categories only)
F7 – Go to previous entry in category
Shift+F7 – Go back 1 month (Calendar Categories only)
Ctrl+F7 – Go back 1 year (Calendar Categories only)
F8 – Go to next entry in category
Shift+F8 – Go forward 1 month (Calendar Categories only)
Ctrl+F8 – Go forward 1 year (Calendar Categories only)
F9 – Create new entry
Shift+F9 – Create new root entry
F10 – Create new sub-entry
Shift+F10 – Bring up entry context menu
F12 – Save Entry as…
Ctrl+F12 – Export Entries…