The Journal Newsletter – November/December 2016

The Journal Newsletter

November/December 2016


Happy Holidays! And a slightly-belated Happy Thanksgiving!

Use The Journal this holiday season for everything from wish lists to shopping lists, dinner plans to snap shots, and more! And if you’re the kind of person who gives software as a gift, The Journal is good for that too. =)

There’s a new update of The Journal 7 available. Check below in The Journal News for the details.

As always, we have a new set of writing prompts.

Thank you for choosing The Journal!


The Journal News

The Journal 7 is the current release.

To see if you have the latest version of The Journal:

  1. Click on the “Help” menu in The Journal.
  2. Choose “Check for Update of The Journal”.

If you are using The Journal 6 (or an earlier version):

Writing Prompts

Free Writing Prompt – Write for 20 minutes using the following as your starter: “The Regret”

Journaling Prompt – Did you screw up? Or did you make the best decision you could at the time?

Memoir Prompt – Make a list of the trade conferences and conventions you’ve attended as part of your job(s). What do you remember about any particular conference? Did you learn something valuable? Who did you meet that you still know? What was the most interesting bit of “swag” you were given by a hopeful vendor?

Submission Information

If you would like to contribute to the “How I Use The Journal”, “Writing Exercises”, or “Tips & Tricks” sections, or would like to submit an article about journaling, writing, or another The Journal-related topic, we would love to hear from you.

Submissions for the newsletter should be sent to:

If you are submitting for a particular section, please indicate which one. Try to limit your submissions to 500-1000 words. Submissions may be edited for length and content.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, please state this in the email. Otherwise your name (but not your email) will be used in the article heading.

As always, if you have any suggestions for, or bug reports about, The Journal, please feel free to email them. Both are always welcome.


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