The Journal 8 Now Available!

The Journal 8 is now available!

Download The Journal 8!

NOTE: While you’re downloading The Journal 8, read the “NOTE: The Journal uses Encryption” section on the web page. This has become an issue in recent months.

See below for upgrade instructions and pricing.

What’s New in The Journal 8?

More Power!

  • Improved searching! See your search results across all active categories–as you type! No need to open the Search Entries form (though you still can, for more options and even more control over the results).
  • Improved topics! The Journal 8’s topics are more flexible and easier to use.
  • Improved drag-and-drop! Drag-and-drop entries–or entire categories–from one category to another, even across users and Journal Volumes! Drag-and-drop files to add them as entries to a loose-leaf category.
  • Improved printing, exporting, and importing! Print, export or save to PDF format!
  • Improved media file support, with playback using Windows Media Player! Insert files up to 225MB into your entries!

Improved Security & Stability!

  • Your entries have never been safer! Using 128-bit AES encryption, and salted, iterated hashing for your passwords, The Journal 8 keeps your entries safer than any previous version.

(There’s only the one bullet point, but this is actually pretty big. 🙂 )

More Convenience!

  • More flexible user interface! Display your categories as a tree or nested tabs. Color-code your categories. Sort your loose-leaf entries by name, date created, or even last date updated. Fully customize menus, toolbars, and even command hot-keys. Use drag-and-drop to organize your categories and entries exactly the way you want.
  • New visual themes! The Journal 8 includes a new set of visual themes and a more cohesive look-and-feel.

Upgrading from The Journal 7 (or any previous version)

NOTE: Do NOT uninstall the previous version! (At least, not until you’re satisfied with the upgrade. Then you can uninstall the previous version.)

Download and install The Journal 8. If you have the previous version installed in the default location, you will be prompted by The Journal 8 about upgrading your existing Journal Volumes.

You will need to close the previous version while The Journal 8 upgrades your Journal Volumes. After that, though, you can run both The Journal 8 and The Journal 7 without any issues.

Upgrade Pricing

People who have purchased any previous version of The Journal are eligible for special upgrade pricing:

* If you purchased The Journal 7 between 1 January 2018 and now, you are eligible for a FREE upgrade to The Journal 8. Send an email to to request your free Registration Keys for The Journal 8.

* If you have purchased any previous version of The Journal (v1-v7), you can upgrade to The Journal 8 for only $29.99 ($35 off).

As always, if you have any questions about or suggestions for The Journal, please don’t hesitate to contact me:


David Michael

Updated: May 23, 2018 — 7:44 pm