Writing Prompts 1: Free Writing

Writing Prompts 1 for The Journal can help you improve your writing skills!

With over 2000 words, Writing Prompts 1 for The Journal can create thousands of prompts to help you practice your writing skills!

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, poetry or prose, Writing Prompts 1 for The Journal can help you improve your writing skills.

Sometimes humorous, sometimes profound, the prompts created by Writing Prompts 1 are always thought-provoking!

Types of Writing Prompts

  • 1-3 Words – These prompts generate 1-3 randomly selected words.

1 Word – SPIDERS

  • Phrase – These prompts put together simple phrases using the 2000+ words included in Writing Prompts 1. The phrases follow simple rules, like “noun verb”, “adjective noun” and “verb adverb”.


Free Writing

The exercises in Writing Prompts 1 are intended for 10-20 minutes of free writing. In free writing, you are not bound to any particular form. You can choose to write poetry or prose, fiction or non-fiction, or even journal entries.

The important thing with free writing is that you let yourself be spontaneous and creative. Don’t edit as you write. Just write!

Before you start writing, allow your imagination to work. Think about the words or phrase in the prompt. Use visualization to picture the words, individually or as a whole. Think of them as being literal, then as being metaphysical. Use sensory perceptions. Add cultural and literary references, and personal connotations. What tone/mood is emerging? Keep in mind that your writing is not necessarily about the words in the prompt, but why and how, and what next, or before?

No Rules

There are no rules to free writing. So feel free to change the words, if you want. Change the tense of the words. Or make the phrase longer and more complete. Or whatever you want to do!

Use your imagination!

How to Purchase

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If you already own The Journal, you can buy the Writing Prompts 1 for $15 US. Click on the Help menu (in The Journal) and choose Buy Add-ons for The Journal.

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