Writing Prompts 3: Starting Sentences

Practice Your Storytelling with Writing Prompts 3: Starting Sentences!

Writing Prompts 3: Starting Sentences creates the first sentence, YOU create the story!

Writing Prompts 3: Starting Sentences generates random starting sentences with tens of thousands of possible variations.

Example Starting Sentences:

The man tried to scream, but couldn’t draw a breath…

When Trish was young, she broke an arm…

Nina drew a gun and fired twice into the air…

Every time he saw the city, he remembered the old neighborhood…

Judges are all the same – or so I thought before last Saturday…

The psychologist called her into her office, and said, “This… is difficult.” …

Write It, Don’t Fight It!

Sometimes, you may find you get a sentence you really don’t like. It may not even make sense to you. If so: Don’t worry about it! Don’t delete it! It’s only 20 minutes (or even just do 10 minutes) of your life, and it will broaden your writing skills all the more for being outside your norm.

In very rare cases will you get a sentence that truly is incomprehensible – this is a semi-random sentence generator, after all. Usually, if you think about them, you can come up with a way to make sense of them. But if it really tosses your writing skills to the winds, you can delete and try again. Just don’t make a habit of it!

That’s what writing exercises are all about – opening your mind so that stories can flow more freely in the future.

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