The Journal for Dream Journaling

Let The Journal help you Remember and Analyze your Dreams

Remember your dreams! With The Journal, you can start writing down your dreams almost immediately after waking. The Journal can start when you start your computer. Or, if you leave your computer running, The Journal can sit in your Windows taskbar or system tray, just a click or keystroke (hot-key: Ctrl+Alt+J) away.

We dream many times while sleeping but do not recall any of it. Dreams fade within minutes, but with effort, one can recall at least the last one…

From “Dream Journaling” by Sande Chen

Analyze your dreams! Use The Journal’s flexible “topics” feature to mark these important features and themes of your dreams:

  • People that you know, and that you don’t recognize
  • Colors of all hues
  • Objects and how they look
  • Locations
  • Emotions towards the people, objects, locations or the dream itself

Customize your analysis! Though some elements of dreams are considered universal, no two people dream exactly the same way or about the same things. The Journal allows you to setup as many topics as you need, and you can apply those topics to your dream notes in any way. You can even tag the same dream with however many topics you think are present.

Review your dreams for recurring themes! With The Journal, you can quickly and easily search your recorded and annotated dreams. You can search through your dreams using text descriptions (“bacon-flavored soda”) and also by topic (“Dream: Images – An Old Friend”).

Start today!

If you have ever wanted to keep a personal journal, start a diary, or simply organize your many notes, now is the time. The Journal offers a Free 45-day Trial! So Download The Journal today!