The Journal is Reliable

No need to manually save your entries! The Journal automatically saves your entries and other information as you work. But, yes, you can still type CTRL+S to force a save at any time. 🙂

Don’t worry about your data! The Journal uses the Sqlite database for your Journal Volumes. Sqlite is one of the most reliable and robust database engines available. The Journal can handle power outages, Windows crashes,  software crashes and more. It’s also really fast!

Built-in Backup and Restore! In addition, The Journal features a built-in backup and restore.

Backup The Journal as often as you like! You can have The Journal backup your Journal Volumes as often as you want. You can even have The Journal automatically copy your backup into a cloud folder, onto an external hard drive, or even upload it to an FTP server!

Keep as many copies of your backup as you need! The Journal can keep only your most recent backup, or any number of your backups. (My personal recommendation, and the default, is to keep your 3 most recent backups, but there’s no real limit.)

Easily move The Journal to a new computer! All you have to do is: do a backup on your old computer, install The Journal on your new computer, and restore from the backup. That’s it!

During my period of Journal usage (1998 to present) I have looked at other similar programs, mostly to see what is on offer.  They all have their good and bad points, but, at least in my opinion, The Journal tops them in the following areas:

  1. The Journal is far and away the most reliable software of all such programs that I have explored.  Rarely, in my 19 years usage, have I had a problem regarding The Journal’s stability.
  2. The level of support offered is unparalleled.  No other program comes anywhere near achieving the high quality help offered by The Journal.
  3. The Journal’s overall range of functionality greatly exceeds that offered by any other relevant software.

–Bevan Johnson


The Journal is also Secure!

The Journal is Also Easy to Use!

The Journal is Also Powerful!


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