The Journal is Secure

The Journal takes Security Seriously!

The Journal knows you don’t want just anybody browsing through your innermost thoughts and dreams.

Keep your secrets secret! The Journal uses state-of-the-art encryption and password protection. The Journal also provides important options like a hot-key for rapidly “locking” The Journal and a Lock on Minimize feature.

Be as secure as you want to be! The Journal allows you set the security level as high or as low as you want. The Journal even supports additional, separate passwords for entry categories.

Want more than the normal amount of security? The Journal’s default level of security is more than most people will ever need. But if you want as much security as possible, check out The Journal’s Extended Security features.

Leverage the Cloud! The Journal’s single-file database configuration makes it easy to use The Journal with cloud-based products like DropBox. But only if you want to!

The Journal is also Reliable!

The Journal is also Easy to Use!

The Journal is also Powerful!


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