The Journal Newsletter

The Journal’s newsletter is no longer sent out. Previous issues are still available, though.


Newsletter Archives

  • The Journal Newsletter – January 2001
    To start off 2001 we have a new "How I Use The Journal" feature from Allen Johnson, describing how he organizes his novel-in-development, as well as new Tips & Tricks and Writing Exercises.
  • The Journal Newsletter – November 2000
    Thanksgiving holiday preparations and other projects managed to delay this month's newsletter by a bit. Sorry about that. I'll make an effort to have the December newsletter out before Christmas.
  • The Journal Newsletter – October 2000
    This month we have our first user-submitted Tips & Tricks article. Pete Hollyer explains how he uses template entries for tracking automobile maintenance and repairs. Pete also contributed his template entries, and those will be available for download.
  • The Journal Newsletter – September 2000
    I was pleasantly surprised when last month (August) turned out to be the second-best month for The Journal ever. Only January of this year surpassed it. For the curious, January of any given year is usually the best month. I surmise that this is because of New Years Resolutions combined with a lot of "Internet freetime" brought about from all the paid holidays. In any case, it was cool.
  • The Journal Newsletter – August 2000
    Welcome to the first issue of DavidRM Software's The Journal Newsletter! I have several plans for the newsletter. In addition to keeping you up to date with the most recent The Journal releases, I hope to offer valuable tips on using The Journal, and even provide a forum for users to present how they use The Journal.