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The Journal FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Journal FAQ

Other Sources of Information about The Journal

To access The Journal’s built-in help:

  1. Click on the Help menu (in The Journal), and choose “The Journal Help”.
  2. Or, use the hot-key: F1

The Journal Newsletter, sent out monthly, has more articles, more tips, and even examples of how other people use The Journal.

And be sure to check out The Journal’s Resources page.

Finally, you can search the entire Web page using the “Search” function in the sidebar on the left.

Need to Re-install The Journal?

If you need to re-install The Journal for any reason, all you have to do is:

1. Download The Journal.
2. Install The Journal.
3. Re-enter your Registration Keys.

It’s that easy!

NOTE: If you need an older version of The Journal (for example: The Journal 5), check here.

Lost Your Registration Keys for The Journal?

No problem!

All you have to do is email DavidRM Software ( Request your Registration Keys for The Journal and your Registration Keys will be sent to you.