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To make The Journal even easier to use, if you have any questions at all, just ask ( Email your question about The Journal. We're here for you.

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Ask questions, swap journaling techniques, and learn tips and tricks for using DavidRM Software's The Journal.

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The Journal's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Search The Journal Knowledgebase

Type in your question and search through 10 years of newsletters, user questions and discussion, as well as articles about journaling.

Other Sources of Information about The Journal

To access The Journal's built-in help:

  1. Click on the Help menu (in The Journal), and choose "The Journal Help".
  2. Or, use the hot-key: F1

The Journal FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Tips & Tricks of Using The Journal

The Journal Newsletter, sent out monthly, has more articles, more tips, and even examples of how other people use The Journal.

Also, you can talk directly with other users of The Journal on The Journal's User Discussion List.

And be sure to check out The Journal's Resources page.

Need to Re-install The Journal?

If you need to re-install The Journal for any reason, all you have to do is:

1. Download The Journal.
2. Install The Journal.
3. Re-enter your Registration Keys.

It's that easy!

NOTE: If you need an older version of The Journal (example: The Journal 4), check here.

Moving The Journal to a new PC?

Moving The Journal to a new computer is easy:

1. Make a backup of your entries on your old computer (File menu, Maintenance sub-menu, Backup The Journal...).

2. Download and install The Journal on your new computer.

3. Copy the backup file you created in step 1 to your new computer.

4. Run The Journal on your new computer. In the New User Wizard, check the option "I need to Restore from a Backup of The Journal" and click on "Next".

5. Browse to select the backup file.

6. Click on "Restore". You will be prompted to create the Journal Volumes you need.

Lost Your Registration Keys for The Journal?

No problem!

All you have to do is email DavidRM Software ( Request your Registration Keys for The Journal and your Registration Keys will be sent to you in 24 hours or less.

Do you want to Have The Journal at Home and at Work?

The Journal's license allows individuals who purchase The Journal to have the software installed on any computers they own or are the primary user of--plus on any computers owned by members of their immediate family that reside with them. So you can have The Journal:

  • At home and at work.
  • On your laptop and your desktop.
  • On all the computers on your home LAN.
  • On your computer and your child's computer.
  • On your computer, your spouse's computer, and child's computer.
  • And so on!

Can I use The Journal on my Mac?

Currently, there is no Mac-specific version of The Journal.

However, The Journal can be run on a Mac if you use a Windows emulator, such as "Virtual PC" or (for the IntelMacs) "Parallels".

Have Questions about The Journal?

If you have any questions at all, just ask ( Email your question about The Journal. Don't hesitate!


The Journal's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)