The Journal Newsletter – August 2015

August is Back to School month here in the United States! For The Journal, though, there are *always* discounts for students and teachers (and lots of other people):
Discounts Available for The Journal

An update of The Journal 7 is available. There have actually been two updates of The Journal 7 since the July newsletter, but only the most recent one matters. See “The Journal News” below for all the details.

This month’s tip tells you how to use the new distraction-free full screen editor, and we have a new set of writing prompts.

The Journal Newsletter – July 2015

I hope everyone had a Happy July 4th! (And a couple happy weeks since then. =) )

The big news for July is The Journal’s Web page overhaul/update/face lift. Check out the new look at:

This month, Susan Michael adds another couple writing exercises, and our tip is about color code your category tabs. Finally, Wayne Watson tells us how he uses The Journal to help disabled veterans of the Vietnam War.

The Journal Newsletter – November 2014

Here in the USA, this is the Thanksgiving Season, a time for Family, Food, and (American) Football. And, of course, giving thanks. In that vein, I’d like to thank my wife, Susan, for not only letting me talk over the movie, but joining me, enthusiastically. =)

There is a new update of The Journal 6 available. See “The Journal News” below for all the details. (The update came out in October, actually, but after the newsletter went out.)

This month’s tip is the (rather long) list of hot-keys in The Journal, alphabetically, and we have a couple new writing prompts.