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The Journal’s newsletter is no longer sent out. Previous issues are still available, though.


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  • The Journal Newsletter – May 2008
    This month's tip tells you how to add descriptions to your images, and then how to search through those descriptions. And, of course, we have another set of prompts for free writing, journaling and memoir writing.
  • The Journal Newsletter – April 2008
    April Fools Day came a few day early for me this year. Less than 6 hours after I sent out last month's newsletter, with its article about the need for backups--the hard drive of my primary computer (a usually pleasant-tempered little Dell laptop I bought in 2005) suffered a catastrophic failure. Talk about bizarre karma. And, yes, irony. 🙂
  • The Journal Newsletter – March 2008
    Welcome to Spring 2008! Spring is traditionally a time of rebirth. Of flowers and trees. Of animals cute and otherwise. And allergies. (Pardon me while I rub my eyes and try not to sneeze...)
  • The Journal Newsletter – February 2008
    February 2008 is now almost over. Do you know where your month went? (And could you help me find *mine*?)
  • The Journal Newsletter – January 2008
    The new year is now well underway. I spent the last week or so of December hammering out my goals for the year. And then spent the first couple weeks of January revising them. Life is like that. Sometimes you make plans. Sometimes the plans find you.
  • The Journal Newsletter – December 2007
    The winter holidays are a time of family and friends coming together--sometimes because of winter storms and power outages--and, for me at least, a time of reflection. I like to look back on the year that's ending, and review what went right, what went wrong, what went according to plan, and what came at me from out of the blue. I also look forward to the New Year and create goals and plans--and wonder how much of that will be upended before June. It's fun. =)
  • The Journal Newsletter – November 2007
    November is National Novel Writing Month! Good luck to all of you that are participating this year. I'm participating this year, my second time. My own Nano novel passed the 25,000 word mark today, so I'm excited about that. And, yes, I'm using The Journal. 🙂
  • The Journal Newsletter – October 2007
    A Reminder: NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is next month, November. If you've ever wanted to write a novel (or just something a lot *like* a novel), you can now join thousands of others from across the USA and around the world as they string words into sentences, sentences into chapters and chapters into a 50,000-word novel--all in just 30 days.
  • The Journal Newsletter – September 2007
    As I predicted last month, I have released an update of The Journal 4.1! The Big New Feature of The Journal 4.1 Build #237 is the option to have more than one entry on a particular date. Plus, check out this month's writing exercises and read Diana Little's "How I Use The Journal".
  • The Journal Newsletter – August 2007
    I'm currently working on a new update of The Journal 4.1 to support a feature many of you have asked for: multiple entries on a single date. All you'll have to do is hit F9 (Create New Entry), and you'll have a new, blank, timestamped entry for any date, past-present-or-future. This should make The Journal even more flexible.
  • The Journal Newsletter – May/June/July 2007
    Even though The Journal Newsletter has been silent, there has been quite a bit of news. In May and June, I worked on a new, Windows Vista-compliant release of The Journal that came out in June. Then in July, The Journal and Steve Pavlina (of teamed up to create a new add-on: Steve Pavlina's Templates.
  • The Journal Newsletter – March/April 2007
    Nancy Custer shares how she uses The Journal to keep track of her busy life, and we have a new set of writing exercises. Plus, learn how to include your own Calendar Charms in The Journal.